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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. McKerrow, George, Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 10
Milwaukee, WI: The Evening Wisconsin Co., 1896

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[2]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, p. [3]

Table of contents, pp. [4]-[5]

Letter of transmittal, McKerrow, George pp. [6]-[7]

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. [8]-[11]

University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture, pp. [12]-[13]

Wisconsin farm institutes for 1896-7, pp. [14]-[15]

C. R. Beach, pp. [16]-17

A. F. Noyes, Newton, T. L.; Arnold, A. A.; Convey, Thos. pp. [18]-[20]

First international convention of Farmers' Institute workers, pp. [21]-22

Proceedings of the tenth annual closing Farmers' Institute held at Watertown, Wis., March 10-11-12, 1896, p. [23]

Address of welcome, Flavin, John T. pp. [23]-24

Address of welcome, Moak, J. T. pp. 24-25

Response to address of welcome, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 25-26

Drainage, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 27-32

Crop rotation, Everett, C. H. pp. 32-34

Clovers, Hill, Geo. C. pp. 35-38

Potatoes, Scott, L. E. pp. 39-45

Road improvement, Dorner, Otto pp. 46-52

The new road law, Pierstorff, W. F. pp. 53-56

Tillage, King, F. H. pp. 57-62

Free traveling libraries, Hutchins, F. A. pp. 63-66

The sweetest lives, Arnold, A. A. pp. 67-70

Seed-time and harvest, Shawver, John L. pp. 71-73

The farmer's garden, Hill, Geo. C. pp. 74-77

The vegetable garden, Hauser, John F. pp. 78-82

The evergreen for home adornment, Boynton, W. D. pp. 82-87

The fruit garden, Edwards, F. C. pp. 88-94

Orchards in hard places, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 94-96

The broiler business, Matteson, C. E. pp. 97-102

Roots for stock, Merrell, Fred H. pp. 103-109

Building a silo, Thorp, Chas. pp. 109-112

The farm dairy, Meyer, Chas. pp. 113-117

The profitable cow, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 118-127

Education, Garrison, Grace pp. 128-131

The education of the citizen, Keats, Myron E. pp. 131-134

Attractive homes for our boys, Morse, Amy Kellogg pp. 135-137

Barn building, Shawver, John L. pp. 138-143

The house we live in, Hoxie, B. S. pp. 143-147

Feeds and feeding, Convey, Thos. pp. 147-152

Horses, Briggs, H. A. pp. 153-156

Good points on horse raising, pp. 156-161

Swine husbandry, Louis, Theodore pp. 162-168

Prospects for the sheep industry, Burch, W. W. pp. 169-175

Care of the flock, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 176-184

Tuberculosis, Russell, H. L. pp. 184-188

Remarks by Mr. Stephen Faville, Faville, Stephen p. 189

Address, Upham, Wm. H. pp. 190-192

Farmers' Institutes. Their origin in Wisconsin, Estabrook, C. E. pp. 193-195

Early days of the work, Adams, H. C. pp. 196-198

The relation of the agricultural college to the Farmers' Institutes, Henry, W. A. pp. 199-200

Address, Hoard, W. D. pp. 201-202

Resolutions adopted at the tenth annual closing Farmers' Institute, pp. 203-[204]

First lesson, dinner, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 205-216

Second lesson, breakfast and supper, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 216-229

Third lesson, a company luncheon, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 229-237

A plea for the cook-book, Adams, C. K. pp. 238-[240]

The common-sense farmer, Buckstaff, Geo. H. pp. 241-242

Hard times on the farm, Sayre, David F. pp. 243-245

Steer feeding in winter, McCarthy, J. pp. 246-247

Education for the young farmer at the University of Wisconsin, Henry, W. A. pp. 248-257

Wisconsin's institute system, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 258-265

Premiums offered at tenth round-up institute at Watertown by business men to patrons attending Farmers' Institute, pp. 266-267

Miscellaneous tables, pp. 268-272

Index to advertisers, pp. 27 [273]-274

[Advertisements], pp. 275-[320] ff.


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