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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 6
Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Co., Printers and Stereotypers, 1892

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[Blank pages]

[Frontispiece] Charles Kendell Adams, LL, D., President of the University of Wisconsin, p. [ii]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, pp. [iii]-[iv]

Table of contents, p. [v]

Index to advertisers, p. [vi]

Letter of transmittal, Morrison W. H. p. [vii]

University of Wisconsin. Agricultural experiment station. Board of Regents, pp. [viii]-[ix]

University of Wisconsin, pp. [x]-[xi]

Farm institutes for 1892-3, pp. [xii]-[xiii]

Agricultural instruction at the University of Wisconsin, pp. [xiv]-16

Proceedings of the Closing Farmers' Instutute, held at Portage City, Wisconsin, March 16, 17 and 18, 1892, p. [17]

Prayer, Brady, Father p. [17]

Address of welcome, Baker, E. S. pp. [17]-[18]

Response to address of welcome, Thayer, M. A. pp. [18]-19

Your institute--an experience meeting, p. 20

Making, saving and applying stable manure, Kingman, R. S. pp. 20-27

Maintaining the fertility of the farm, Linse, Chas. pp. 27-32

My experience on a sandy farm, Allen, M. T. pp. 32-36

Thorough tillage of the soil, Noyes, A. F. pp. 37-45

Corn growing, Thorp, S. pp. 45-51

Winter wheat growing, Hill, Geo. C. pp. 51-56

The farmer's garden, Thayer, M. A. pp. 56-60

Success, Hyatt, A. X. pp. 61-64

Secrets of success in farming, Van Matre, T. J. pp. 64-66

The value of education to the farmer, Johnstone, John pp. 66-68

Possibilities of the Wisconsin farmer for education in agriculture, Noyes, A. F. pp. 69-71

The agricultural department of the state university as a school for farmers' sons, Beach, C. R. pp. 71-75

How to prepare: a suggestion for the World's Fair, Kelly, R. Howard pp. 76-80

Prayer, Ritchey, J. H. p. 81

Blue grass, Chadwick, W. W. pp. 81-84

Best forage crop for silage, Bloor, Jas. pp. 84-91

Oats and peas, Convey, Thos. pp. 91-95

Clover and clover hay making, Everett, C. H. pp. 95-99

The oat as a grain and forage crop, Adams, L. H. pp. 100-106

Swine feeds and feeding, Selle, A. pp. 107-110

Swine feeds and feeding, Wylie, Geo. pp. 110-112

Sheep feeds and feeding, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 113-117

Cow feeds and feeding, Hodgson, John pp. 117-123

Highways and national prosperity, Favill, Stephen pp. 124-129

How shall we improve our country roads?, Dawson, John pp. 129-130

The importance of good roads, Sampson, B. E. pp. 131-133

An open letter for a farmer: on country roads, Meyer, B. H. pp. 133-142

The country road problem, Estabrook, C. E. pp. 142-143

Roads from an engineer's standpoint, Wing, C. B. pp. 143-150

Highway taxes and work, Linse, Charles pp. 150-151

Resolution, Dawson, John p. 151

Prayer, Pilcher, A. M. p. 152

How I bred a herd of Jersey cattle, George, F. A. pp. 153-158

Is it just to pay for milk according to the butter fat?, Babcock, S. M. pp. 159-170

Is it practical to use the separator on the farm?, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 171-176

Sheep breeding in Wisconsin, Craig, J. A. pp. 177-184

Adaptation of breeds, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 184-187

Farm management of mutton sheep, Fox, A. O. pp. 188-190

Sheep for profit, Smith, D. S. pp. 191-193

Profitable sheep farming, Silver, A. pp. 194-196

Sheep sheds and their equipment, Craig, John A. pp. 197-213

Fattening sheep for market, Cole, W. H. pp. 213-215

Breeding and feeding sheep for mutton, Wilson, John pp. 215-217

Sheep in Wisconsin's agriculture, Ames, W. L. pp. 218-221

Short statements about sheep, pp. 222-224

Cooking school session, Clarke, M. L. pp. 225-234

Domestic economy, Clark, J. A. pp. 235-240

Poultry on the farm, Morehouse, W. B. pp. 241-244

Hygiene for our homes, Smith, E. J. pp. 245-249

Pasturage and steer feeding, McCarthy, John p. 250

Index, pp. [251]-256

[Advertisements], pp. 257-304 ff.


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