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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
No. 5
Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Co., Printers and Stereotypers, 1891

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[Blank pages]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, p. [1]

Table of contents, p. [2]

Letter of transmittal, Morrison, W. H. p. [3]

Index to advertisers, p. [4]

University of Wisconsin, p. [5]

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. [6]-[8]

Agricultural instruction at the University of Wisconsin, pp. [9]-13

List of institutes, 1891-2, p. [14]

[Advertisements], pp. [15]-[16]

Address of welcome, Nelson, Mayor p. [17]

Response, Hoard, Ex. Gov. pp. [17]-20

Manure and fertility, McKerrow, George pp. 20-26

Plowing, cultivation and tillage, Convey, Thomas pp. 26-30

Pastures and meadows, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 30-35

Clover and hay making, Everett, C. H. pp. 36-43

Science and the clover patch, Henry, W. A. pp. 43-44

Grain raising, Cole, Harrison pp. 45-47

Grain raising, McKerrow, George pp. 47-52

Noxious weeds, Cole, W. H. pp. 53-66

The farmer's fourth-acre fruit garden, Thayer, M. A. pp. 67-75

What can the government legitimately do for the farmer?, Beach, Chas. R. pp. 76-82

The dairy temperament in cows, Hoard, W. D. pp. 83-87

Some new experience with the silo, Convey, Thos. pp. 88-92

The construction of silos, King, F. H. pp. 93-105

How I feed dairy cows, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 105-112

Swine husbandry, Selle, A. pp. 113-116

Hog pens, Wylie, Geo. pp. 117-125

Sheep husbandry, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 125-128

Profit in sheep husbandry, Ames, W. L. pp. 128-139

Poultry for the farm, Tilson, Ida E. pp. 139-143

Wisconsin system of agricultural instruction, Henry, W. A. pp. 144-148

Address, Chamberlin, T. C. pp. 149-151

Department of agriculture, Parsons, F. E. pp. 151-153

Waupaca, Stetson, Lizzie pp. 153-155

Insects and diseases of the potato, Goff, E. S. pp. 156-160

One year's experience in growing potatoes, Frost, E. D. pp. 160-161

Potato raising, Martin, Geo. W. pp. 161-167

Steps in the progress of extracting the butter-fat from milk, Smith, J. A. pp. 167-177

Cheese making, Phillips, W. H. pp. 177-181

Cheese making, Fleming, Thomas J. pp. 182-184

Advantages of the creamery, Williams, N. G. pp. 184-186

Creamery or cheese factory, Faville, S. pp. 187-189

Butter-making on the farm, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 189-196

Address, Parsons, Col. pp. 196-197

Exhibits, pp. 197-198

Now and then in farming, Van Matre, T. J. pp. 199-205

The farmers' reading, Grubb, Frank S. pp. 206-208

Shall we have pure food?, Thom, H. C. pp. 209-215

An open letter to a farmer boy, Meyer, B. H. pp. 215-225

Common sense in farming, Hyatt, A. X. pp. 226-231

Public highways, Marston, S. L. pp. 231-243

[Advertisements], pp. 244-320 ff.

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