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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
No. 4
Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Co., Printers and Stereotypers, 1890

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[Blank pages]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, pp. [i]-[ii]

Table of contents, p. [iii]

Index to advertisers, pp. [iv]-v

Letter of transmittal, Morrison W. H. p. [vi]

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. [vii]-[viii]

Branches of study, pp. [viii]-ix

Short course in agriculture, pp. [x]-xi

Law providing for agricultural institutes, pp. [xii]-xiv

In memoriam, Adams, H. C. pp. [xv]-[xvii] ff.

Arrangement of the stable and methods of tying, Adams, L. H. pp. [1]-7

Manure, Thom, H. C. pp. 8-14

Care of the cow at the time and after calving, pp. 14-17

Fallacies in breeding, Wylie, George W. pp. 17-20

Principles of breeding, Hoard, W. D. pp. 20-26

How to make a dairyman out of the average farmer, Fleming, T. J. pp. [27]-31

How to rear a dairy herd of cows, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 32-38

Butter-making on the farm, Convey, Thomas pp. 38-42

Temperature in butter-making, Curtis, D. W. pp. 42-49

My dairy experience, McPherson, James pp. 49-50

How have our great dairy cows been bred?, Hacker, T. L. pp. 51-56

Is it necessarily hard times for good farmers?, Beach, C. R. pp. [57]-63

Food adulteration, Thom, H. C. pp. 63-67

A few plain thoughts on the present agricultural depression, Hoard, W. D. pp. 67-71

Saving and application of manure, True, John M. pp. [72]-82

Silo experience, Adams, L. H. pp. 82-85

Silo experience, Van Kirk, Weldon pp. 85-93

How to breed and fatten swine, Wylie, George pp. [94]-101

Experiments in pig feeding, Adams, L. H. pp. 101-107

How can we make pork at low cost, Convey, Thomas pp. 108-110

Profitable pork making, Snow, E. M. pp. 111-113

Deerfoot farm pork products, Cheesman, James pp. 114-116

Present and prospective conditions of the horse market, True, John M. pp. [117]-118

The breeding of draft horses, Galbraith, Alexander pp. 119-121

A word about coach horses, Fox, A. O. pp. 122-125

Can the Wisconsin farmer profitably breed roadster horses?, Mitchell, John L. pp. 125-127

Wasteful management of the farms and lazy acres, the cause of hard times in farming, Smith, Hiram pp. 128-129

Beef session, pp. [130]-131

Potato experience, Smith, J. M. pp. 131-139

Breeding and feeding for beef, Wakem, Peter pp. 140-149

Can beef be produced in Wisconsin at a profit?, Thom, H. C. pp. 149-152

Future prospects as to the price of beef, Whicher, George pp. 152-154

Can the Merino be profitably maintained on Wisconsin farms?, Cole, W. H. pp. [155]-160 ff.

What kind of sheep are best adapted to Wisconsin?, Fox, A. O. pp. 161-165

Best methods of breeding, feeding and marketing mutton sheep, McKerrow, George pp. 166-171

Early lamb raising, Judson, R. C. pp. 171-172

Small fruit growing upon the farm, Smith, J. M. pp. [173]-177

The good farmer and the poor farmer--a contrast, Clark, J. A. pp. 177-180

Some helps to home making, Smith, J. M. pp. 180-182

The coming farmer, True, J. M. pp. 183-186

Wild flowers, Reynolds, Werden p. [187]

"Gather up the fragments that nothing may be lost", Sayre, David F. pp. [187]-193

Our highway laws and country highways, McGinley, D. E. pp. 194-198

How can our noxious weed law be made most efficient in its protection of our farms?, Wilcox, R. J. pp. 198-203

Clover, Everett, C. H. pp. 203-205

An introduction to the bee at home, Bain, James pp. 205-207

Home education, Loomis, Alice Ball pp. 207-211

Tobacco culture, Kittilson, Levi pp. 211-215

Corn culture, Sisson, O. S. pp. 215-219

Dairy experience, Porter, C. V. pp. 219-220

What we girls want, Getchell, Sarah W. pp. 220-222

The future farmer and farm wives, Oakey, M. C. pp. 222-225

What shall we read?, McCoy, M. pp. 225-228

The business farmer, Staples, C. W. pp. 228-231

Improving sandy lands, Barnes, W. R. pp. 231-233

Breeders' directory, pp. [234]-236

Buyers' guide, pp. [237]-238

Railways and mileage in Wisconsin, Dec. 31, 1889, p. 238

Wisconsin agricultural resources, p. [239]

Wisconsin public school statistics, p. [240]

[Advertisements], pp. 241-336 ff.

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