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Anders P. Solem papers : Mss CC Box 1, Folder 1


Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P.
Anders P. Solem papers : Mss CC Box 1, Folder 1

Hagen Family Papers, 1879-1899 (EAU CLAIRE) - Family histories and typed translations of letters from several Norwegian immigrants to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area: Anders (Andrew) P. Solem, maternal grandfather of the collection's donor, Harold Hagen; Elling (Erling) Andersen Sende, Hagen's paternal great-grandfather; and Anders Lian (also known as Andrew Lee), Hagen's maternal grandmother's cousin. Letters by Anders P. Solem are directed to his grandfather in Norway. In them he describes his experiences working in sawmills and lumber camps, comments on labor conditions, including a strike for the ten-hour day, and offers various observances regarding life in America. Letters by Elling Anderson Sende and his wife Guruanna relate family matters and further detail life in Eau Claire. Letters written to Anders Lian and his family concern arrangements for bringing him to America. The largest group of letters in the collection are written by Anders Lian to his family in Norway. They also document work in the lumber industry and discuss current events, and the economic and political climate in 1890s America. Also of interest are Lian's experiences enlisting in a military training camps as a volunteer soldier at the time of the Spanish-American war. The family histories in the collection were written by Genevieve Hagen and include biographical details as well as genealogical information for each of the correspondents. 89 pages of typed translations from the original Norwegian and original family histories.

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Hagen/ Biography of Anders Pedersen Solem

Translations of Anders Solem letters

Meridean, 15 June 1879

Meridean, 21st September [18]79/ Dear grandfather!

Meridean 21 September [18]79/ To Siri and Marit Solem*

Eau Claire 7 December 1879

Eau Claire, 26th April 1880

Eau Claire July 25th [18]80

Eau Claire September 12th 1880

Chippewa River, January 9th, [18]81

Eau Claire, September 8th, [18]81

Eau Claire, October 11th 1881

Eau Claire 13th June in '82 [1882]

Address letters as usual/ A. Solem/ Wis. Eau Claire/ North America/ Eau Claire, July 8th, 1882

Eau Claire, August 21 1882

Eau Claire Wis. April 13.1883

Eau Claire April 26th 1883

Eau Claire Wis. Christmas Day [18]83

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