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Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916


Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27)
Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916
Madison, Wisconsin: Cantwell Printing Co., State Printer, 1916

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[Title page], pp. [1]-[2]

Commissioners, p. [3]

Contents, pp. [4]-5

Letter of transmittal, p. [6]

Commissioners' report and recommendations, pp. [7]-14

Division of fisheries, pp. 15-17

Hatchery improvements, pp. 17-18

Fish dying in inland waters, p. 18

Necessary legislation, pp. 18-23

Distribution of fish, pp. 23-24

Rough fishing operations, pp. 24-26

Survey of trough streams, pp. 26-30

The effect of gasoline and benzine on the parasitic copepod, salmincola edwardsii olsson, parasitic on the gills of the brook trout, Lowe, John N. pp. 31-33

The use of gasoline in the treatment of fin trouble among brook trout, Ripple, R. L. pp. 34-37

Paper read at meeting held with commercial fishermen at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, February 16, 1916, Kalmbach, Albert pp. 38-42

Division of wild life conservation, p. 43

Conservation wardens, pp. 43-44

Equipment, pp. 45-46

Ruffed grouse, pheasant and partridge, pp. 46-47

Prairie chicken, p. 47

Quail, pp. 47-48

Ducks, pp. 48-49

Geese, p. 49

The federal migratory bird law, pp. 49-50

The federal Lacy law, p. 50

Insectiverous and song birds, pp. 51-52

Refuges and sanctuaries, pp. 52-53

Deer, pp. 53-56

The market hunters, pp. 56-57

Beaver, pp. 57-59

Protective organizations, p. 60

Education, pp. 60-63

Game farm, pp. 63-64

Oshkosh headquarters, p. 64

Cooperation, p. 65

Statistics, pp. 65-67

Robbed, pp. 67-68

Division of forestry and parks, Mocdy, F. B. p. 69

The forestry case, Mocdy, F. B. pp. 69-71

[Decree of the court], pp. 71-73

[Concurring opinion by Chief Justic Winslow], pp. 73-74

[Statement of general fund indebtedness, pp. 74-75

Grants of land for forestry purposes, pp. 75-76

Nebagamon lumber company grant, p. 76

Purchased land, pp. 76-78

Forest protection, p. 79

Forest fire organizations, pp. 79-80

Locomotive inspection, pp. 81-83

Forest fires in 1915, pp. 83-85

Cooperation with federal government in fire protection, p. 85

Permanent improvement work, pp. 85-86

State parks, pp. 86-89

Proposed gift of Trempealeau Mountain, pp. 89-91

Interstate Park, pp. 91-93

Marquette Park, pp. 93-95

Devil's Lake Park, pp. 95-97

Peninsula Park, pp. 97-101

Brule Park, p. 101

Cushing Memorial Park, pp. 101-104

State forest nurseries, pp. 105-107

Stock distribution, pp. 107-112

Forest planting, pp. 112-113

Trees shipped to private owners: by counties, pp. 113-115

Price list of planting stock, pp. 115-116

Extent-value and use of Wisconsin woodlots, pp. 117-120

Appendix to report of forestry division. Forest fire plan, pp. [121]-138

Commissioners of fisheries financial report, pp. 139-144

Statement of receipts, p. 145

Statement of inventory, pp. 145-147

Statement of confiscations, pp. 147-148

Statement of costs and fines imposed: by counties, p. 148

Statements of arrests, pp. 148-149

Statements of arrests: by wardens, p. 150

Statement of distribution of fish, pp. 151-152

Statement of distribution of fish: by counties, pp. 153-156 ff.

Commercial fishing industry--Green Bay, Lake Michigan, p. 157

Commercial fishing industry--Lake Superior, p. 158

Commercial fishing industry--Mississippi River, p. 158

The muskrat industry, p. 159

Summary of distribution of fish since 1877, pp. 160 ff.

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