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Sixty years of Perry Congregation


Ruste, C.O.
Sixty years of Perry Congregation
[Perry, Wisconsin]: Perry Historical Center, 1915, 2004
156 p. : ill., ports ; 29 cm.

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[Cover] Sixty years of Perry Congregation

[Dedication - 150th anniversary edition]

[Title page] Sixty years of the Perry Congregation

[Dedication - 1915 edition]

Preface to the 150th anniversary edition, pp. [1]-[4]

Preface to the 1915 edition, pp. 5-6

Chapter I. The first Norwegian settlements in America, pp. 7-14

Chapter II. Blue Mounds settlements, pp. 15-21

Chapter III. Pioneer life, 1846-54, pp. 21-27

Chapter IV. Early religious services and schools, 1850-54, pp. 27-38

Chapter V. November 5th, 1854, pp. 38-52

Chapter VI. The old parsonage, pp. 53-56

Chapter VII. Our first stone church, pp. 56-65

Chapter VIII. Rev. Peter Marius Brodahl, pp. 66-71

Chapter [IX]. Perry's First Parsonage, pp. 71-74

Chapter X. Rev. Abraham Jacobson, pp. 74-79

Chapter XI. The cyclone, pp. 80-82

Chapter XII. The second stone church, pp. 82-86

Chapter XIII. Rev. Adolph Bredeson, pp. 86-88

Chapter XIV. Rev. Peter Isberg, pp. 88-92

Chapter XV. Rev. Henrick Voldal, pp. 93-95

Chapter XVI. The new parsonage, pp. 95-96

Chapter XVII. Rev. Helge Høverstad, pp. 97-98

Chapter XVIII. Rev. Joseph Marinius Green, pp. 98-100

Chapter XIX. Our church, 1915, pp. 100-107

Chapter XX. List of officers, 1854-1951, pp. 107-112

Chapter XXI. Parochial schools and teachers, pp. 113-117

Chapter XXII. Higher institutions of learning, missions and charity, pp. 117-120

Chapter XXIII. Perry Church Choir, pp. 120-126

Chapter XXIV. From Perry, pp. 127-133

Chapter XXV. Our neighbors, pp. 134-140

Chapter XXVI. Retrospective, pp. 141-144

Index to contents, p. 145

Index to illustrations, pp. 146-147

[Publication location - 150th anniversary edition], p. 148

Material added to the 2004 edition, pp. 149-153

Provenance of the scanned book, p. 154

Original book cover , p. 155

Perry church and surroundings-circa 1990, p. 156


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