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Manitowoc submarines


Manitowoc County Historical Society
Manitowoc submarines
Manitowoc, Wisconsin: [Manitowoc County Historical Society], 1988
[32] p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

Includes information about each of the twenty-eight submarines built in Manitowoc by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company. "The information in this booklet was compiled from official Navy Documents, by the following members of the "U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II," Manitowoc Chapter. Fred A. Galli, James Gogats, Gerald R. Pilger, Stephen Petreshock, Clifford H. Schaubs. First Printing 1968. Includes updating of data."

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Manitowoc submarines

[Foreword] Forward, p. 1

Typical U. S. submarine, p. 2

Commanding officers Manitowoc submarines, p. 3

Manitowoc submarine: Manitowoc shipyards, pp. 4-5

U. S. S. Peto (SS 265), p. 5

U. S. S. Pogy (SS 266), p. 6

U. S. S. Pompon (SS267), pp. 6-7

U. S. S. Puffer (SS 268), p. 7

U. S. S. Rasher (SS 269), p. 8

U. S. S. Raton (SS 270), p. 8

U. S. S. Ray (SS 271), p. 9

U. S. S. Redfin (SS 272), p. 9

U. S. S. Robalo (SS 273), p. 10

U. S. S. Rock (SS 274), p. 11

U. S. S. Golet (SS 361), p. 12

U. S. S. Guavina (SS 362), pp. 12-13

U. S. S. Guitarro (SS 363), p. 13

Manitowoc submarines lost as indicated, p. 14

Submarine on the ways: Manitowoc shipyards, p. 15

[Submarine mascots], pp. 16-17

Manitowoc submarine after launching, p. 18

U. S. S. Hammerhead (SS 364), p. 19

U. S. S. Hardhead (SS 365), p. 19

U. S. S. Hawkbill (SS 366), p. 20

U. S. S. Icefish (SS 367), p. 20

U. S. S. Lagarto (SS 371), p. 21

U. S. S. Lamprey (SS 372), p. 22

U. S. S. Lizardfish (SS 373), p. 22

U. S. S. Loggerhead (SS 374), p. 23

U. S. S. Macabi (SS 375), p. 23

U. S. S. Mapiro (SS 376), p. 24

U. S. S. Jallao (SS 368), p. 25

U. S. S. Kete (SS 369), pp. 25-26

U. S. S. Kraken (SS 370), p. 26

U. S. S. Menhaden (SS 377), p. 27

U. S. S. Mero (SS 378), p. 27

Manitowoc submarine 1968 (converted), p. 28

Manitowoc submarine 1943, p. 29

52 U. S. submarines lost in World War Two, pp. 30-32


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