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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr., Editor
The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Lumberman Publishing Co., July, 1874

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Principal contents

[Title page]

Inspection of lumber, pp. [unnumbered]-346

The lumbermen's convention at Williamsport, pp. 346-349

The lumber trade at the east, pp. 349-351

The fall prospects, p. 351

"Looking pine" in Wisconsin, pp. 352-354

A strong lumbering company, p. 354

Hot facts for lumbermen. Our correspondent states facts and arguments worthy of particular attention--$5,000,000 losses to Michigan manufacturers alone--the state of the trade--losses on common lumber--forced sales of 3,000,000 feet daily at the Chicago market--the remedy for existing evils, pp. 355-356

The lumber business in New York, pp. 357-358

Big days work by a circular mill, p. 358

Cheap Minnesota lumber for Nebraska, pp. 358-359

The decision in the log suit of Geo. Cook versus the U. S., pp. 359-360

A new circular saw mill, p. 360

Patents and improvements in the lumber trade, p. 360

Wisconsin's new lands. Description of the timber and farming lands opened to settlers by the Wisconsin Central Railyway--the crop of towns springing up in the wilderness--information of value to immigrants and capitalists, pp. 361-363

Wausau on the Wisconsin. Marathon County and its magnificent resources--its flourishing capital--its vast lumber interests--prospects for the valley of the Upper Wisconsin, pp. 363-365

A wooden railway in Wisconsin, p. 365

John S. Loomis' sand-papering machine, pp. 365-366

Burnettizing, pp. 366-368

E. Andrews' saw works, Williamsport, Pa., p. 368

New iron frame double circular saw-mill. A description of interest to practical mill men--a fine product of the Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co., pp. 369-370

The lumber trade of St. Paul, Minnesota, pp. 370-371

The Williamsport clothes pin, p. 371

A noteworthy prediction, p. 371

Stave jointer, p. 372

Influence of pine forests on health, pp. 372-373

Pensacola lumber and timber exchange, p. 373

Rice Lake, the new seat of Barron County. One of the numerous municipal progeny of Knapp, Stout and Co.--The rush of immigration to this point--prominent pioneers, pp. 373-374

Milwaukee machinery in Japan. Late news from that empire--Civil War eminent--extracts from a letter to Edward P. Allis and Co., pp. 374-375

Chicago harmonious. The sentiment of Chicago dealers not hostile to any movement tending to unite the lumber trade of the country, p. 375

"Up the line". Section 87--a backwoods tavern--and its accommodations--combined apartments--a haracter--exports--prospects--the district lookout, pp. 375-376

Limiting the supply of lumber, p. 376

Yale Lock Manufacturing Company. Progress of the manufacture of locks and of bronze ornamental hardware--description of one of New England's leading manufactures, pp. 377-386

The timber supply, pp. 386-389

Lumber in Mississippi, pp. 390-391

The biggest sawing ever done in the world, p. 392

Classification of wood, pp. 393-397

The inventor of the circular saw, p. 397

Standard lumber, pp. 398-399

The tree that destroys malaria, pp. 399-400

Export duty on saw logs, pp. 400-401

Reciprocity and the lumber trade, p. 401

Rapidity of Grand Rapids, Wis., p. 401

Good advice to the trade, p. 402

Timber and water in Texas, p. 402

Lumber trade and manufactures of Zanesville, Ohio, pp. 403-404

Second annual meeting of the Southern Lumber and Timber Association, p. 404

The Ashland Lumber Company, pp. 404-405

Legalizing robbery of lumbermen, p. 405

Middle-men in the timber trade, pp. 405-406

What is hurting Chicago's reputation, pp. 406-407

The scotch timber trade, p. 407

A new enterprise at Wilmington, N. C., p. 407

Sawing on the Ahnapee, pp. 407-408

Lumber transportation, p. 408

The markets, pp. 409-412

The new law relating to patents and trade marks, pp. 412-413

[Advertisements], pp. 413-[434]

Lumbermen's register, pp. 435-456 ff.

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