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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr., Editor
The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Lumberman Publishing Co., August, 1874

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Principal contents

[Title page]

An important proposition, Hersey, Mr.; Bean, Mr.; Brown, Mr. pp. [unnumbered]-458

The reciprocity Tr, pp. 458-460

The situation of the lumber trade, pp. 460-461

The yellow pine business, pp. 462-[463]

Opinions of large manufacturers, p. [463]

Lumber matters in Michigan, pp. 464-466

A rare chance for investment, pp. 466-467

The convention of Canadadian [Canadian] lumbermen, p. 467

A place for your money. The valley of the Lower Fox--the waterpowers--the iron and timber resources of the north--manufacturing towns, Lindsley, M. P. p. 468

A forcible argument. J. Morrell on the subject of reciprocity with Canada, Morrell, D. J. pp. 469-471

At Stillwater, Minn., pp. 472-473

A convention to be held at Chicago, p. 473

Preservation of wood. The thilmany process to impregnate wood with sulphate of copper and chloride of barium, pp. 474-475

L. P. Gilbert's log turner, p. 475

Lumbermen's conventions, p. 476

The lumbermen's clothing house. Simonds and Brooke's--the favorite clothing house in the northwest--how Mr. Simonds went back on lumbering and has established the most popular wholesale and retail clothing-house in Wisconsin, pp. 476-[477]

Peirce and Whaling. Magnitude of the iron business of the northwest--proof of Milwaukee's uninterrupted commercial progress, pp. [477]-478

Seasoning lumber, pp. 478-481

Lumber matters at Saginaw, p. 481

Lumbering in California, p. 482

Greenville manufacturing establishments, pp. 483-485

A convention of yellow pine manufacturers, p. 485

The Milwaukee brick machine, pp. 486-487

Combination in wood cutting-machines, p. 488

Alpena Lumber Company. An extensive and prosperous corporation--the company's mill at Alpena, Mich, and yards at Cleveland, Ohio--capacity of the--mill 13,000,000 feet per year--storage capacity of yards at Cleveland 5,000,000 feet--future plans of the company, pp. 489-490

New era in the lumber trade, pp. 490-491

O. W. Clark's barking machine, p. 491

The timber supply, Little, J. pp. 491-493

Lubricants, pp. 493-494

A prospective view of the trade. The condition of the trade in the immediate future--overproduction--retrospective view--fair products for the fall trade, pp. 494-497

The timber business. Please "wait a little" and see how it comes out, pp. 497-498

Teak, pp. 498-499

Prospects of the fall trade, p. 500

Inspection, pp. 500-501

Burl walnut, pp. 501-502

The timber supply, p. 502

Beech, p. 503

Shaky lumber, p. 504

The Williamsport manufacturers and the Woodbury claim, pp. 504-505

Lumbering in Maine, p. 505

Wood-working machinery, pp. 506-509

In the early days. Reminiscences of early days in the Chippewa Valley, pp. 509-511

The Milwaukee monthly, p. 511

Tribunals of commerce, pp. 511-512

The lumber market, p. 512

Steam boilers. Strength of cylinder, sphere and flat surfaces, pp. 513-515

Consolidation of the truckee: California lumber companies, p. 515

Canadian lumber trade, pp. 516-517

Along the line of the Central, p. 517

The champion sawing, p. 518

The midland, pp. 518-520

A king of trees, p. 520

Lumber market, pp. 521-525

Chippewa crossing. How the country along the line of the Central is settling up with hardy pioneers, p. 525

Worms in timber, p. 526

[Advertisements], pp. 526-[546]

Lumbermen's register, pp. 547-568

New iron frame double circular saw-mill. A description of interest to practical mill men--a fine product of the Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co.

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