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History of Dunn County, Wisconsin


Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O., Editor
History of Dunn County, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota: H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co., 1925
ix, 966 p. : ill., ports. ; 26 cm.

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[ii]

[Title page], pp. [iii]-[iv]

Preface, p. [v]

Contents, pp. vi-[x]

Chapter I: Prairie du Chien and the Red Cedar, pp. 1-6

Chapter II: Early lumbering operations, pp. 7-19

Chapter III: The Jefferson Davis myth, pp. 20-26

Chapter IV: Jurisdiction and county boundaries, pp. 27-30

Chapter V: County government, pp. 31-37

Chapter VI: Dunn County in the Barstow-Bashford election, pp. 38-42

Chapter VII: Some economic aspects of 1846, pp. 43-49

Chapter VIII: Mill and dam locations at Menomonie, pp. 50-52

Chapter IX: Early settlement of Menomonie, pp. 53-59

Chapter X: The Knapp Stout & Co. company, pp. 60-70

Chapter XI: Agriculture, pp. 71-73

Chapter XII: Three Dunn County institutions, pp. 74-77

Chapter XIII: The county school system, pp. 78-90

Chapter XIV: Further history of Menomonie, pp. 91-116 ff.

Chapter XV: The Stout Institute, memorial building and library, pp. 117-123

Chapter XVI: The press of Menomonie, pp. 124-133

Chapter XVII: Military record, pp. 134-145

Chapter XVIII: City churches and parishes, pp. 146-163

Chapter XIX: Incorporated villages, pp. 164-201

Chapter XX: Unincorporated villages and place names, pp. 202-226

Chapter XXI: Miscellany, pp. 227-246 ff.

Chapter XXII: Biographical, pp. 247-958

Index to biographies, pp. [959]-966 ff.


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