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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company account book, 1919]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company account book, 1919]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1919

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[Title page] Two Rivers Housing Co.

Account 26: Advanced expense

Account 17: Repairs to equipment

Account 1: Cash

Account 3: [Personal accounts]

Account 2: Notes receivable

Account 5: Real estate

Account 6: Construction 1918 operations

Account 27: Construction [material] 1920

Account 7: Construction material

Account 8: Construction labor

Account 9: Construction overhead

Account 8: [Construction labor]

Account 264: House & lot [account]

Account 31: Improvements house & lot

Account 281: Cost of sales, install contracts

Account 4: Liberty Bond account

Account 20: Accounts payable

Account 3151: Herman Vieweg suspense [account]

Account 3152: H. Gustavson advance tax [account]

Account 19: Bills payable

Account 341: Sales, installment contracts

Account 25: Capital stock

Account 24: Subscription

Account 21: Income sales contracts

Account 18: Miscellaneous sales

Account 14: Insurance

Account 15: Taxes

Account 28: Repairs

Account 16a: Undistributed expense

Account 23: Real estate expense

Account 32: [Miscellaneous] expense

Account 30: Depreciation

Account 10: Administrative general

Account 11: Administrative salaries

Account 12: Stationery & printing

Account 13: Advertising

Account 16: Sales commissions

Account 23: Interest

Account 29: [Miscellaneous] income

Account 22: Income rentals


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