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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 3, No. 4 (Fall 1956)

Chambers, E. L.
The Dutch elm disease in Wisconsin,   pp. 148-149

Page 148

148                        Wisconsin Academy Review
                       By E. L. Chambers
                       State Entomologist
     The Dutch elm disease is a relatively new disease of
our American elms. It was believed to have been Intro-
duced into this country from England on Burl elm veneer
logs In 1930. This fatal disease of the elm is caused by
a fungus, Ceratostomella ulmi, that gets into the water
conducting vessels of the tree and multiplies rapidly and
causes the leaves to wilt and the tree to die. It is In-
troduced into healthy elms by two species of elm bark
beetles feeding on the twigs and small branches.
     In the past 25 years since its introduction, the di-
sease has spread into most of the states east of the Missi-
ssippi River and as far south as the states bordering on
the Gulf of Mexico. By 1950, it appeared in southern Illi-
nois and in five years spread over most of the state. Con-
tinuing its pattern of spread of nearly a dozen counties
each year, it was not surprising to have it appear in Wis-
consin this summer, the first tree being found at Beloit
on July 6. Subsequently, it has been found in six counties.
By the 15th of September, 52 trees had been diagnosed as
being infected with the disease in 15 municipalities. Some
20 municipalities were surveyed street by street under the
supervision of the State Entomologist's Office in search of
elm trees showing symptoms of the disease. Twigs showing
typical discoloration of the wood beneath the bark from
more than 600 trees have been cultured. Probably a much
   AV-eo. Wj4A
 Seal ler Ero~ecL
 EI I m. IDI'S Eo..
     cq-,S-5 (0 )               /   Z               A
       Beloit (2), Delavan (2), Fox Point (1), Glendale (3), Janesville (1),
       Kenosha (11) Lake Geneva (1), Milwaukee 4), Racine (17),
       Silver Lake (i) Walworth (1), Waukesha Co. (1), Wauwatosa (5),
       Williams Bay (IS and West Allis (1).
Wisconsin Academy Review

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