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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 1955)

State and Academy news,   pp. 40-41

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40                                Wisconsin Academy Review
                  -r  o  *   State and Academy News
                             NEWS NOTES FROM MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY
                          Collected by Professor Scott L. Kittsley
                                      (Review Reporter)
                          Fr. JOHN P. O'BRIEN, C.S. V., of the Biology
                          department, recently took a trip to the
                          Argonne National Laboratory where he dis-
cussed the progress of the research project he is doing for the
Atomic Energy Commission with several of the scientists there.
Making the Journey with him were his two assistants, ED FRANK and
Miss BARBARA HERBES. Main purpose of the trip, according to Fr.
O'Brien, was to give these two an opportunity to acquaint themselves
with the facilities of this large government laboratory. The proj-
ect which Fr. O'Brien and his assistants are working on began at the
start of the school year, and should continue for at least three
years. It concerns a series of experiments in radiobiology. The
Atomic Energy Commission gave a $12,000 contract for the first year
which made the work possible. In all probability, Fr. O'Brien
said, the AEC will renew the contract until the job is done.
    Fr. O'Brien is also the president of the Milwaukee Sigma Xi
Club which was officially organized last September.   Sigma Xi is a
national scientific fraternity devoted to the promotion of research.
It embraces all scientific fields.   JAMES M. BARRETT, also of the
Biology department, is the treasurer of the organization.
    NICK J. TOPETZES, Education department, is giving a series of
lectures on mental health to the Pierce Street School P.T.A. He
spoke February 15 on "Emotional Health" and will speak
March 8
"Rejection and Acceptance" and April 5 on "Emotional
He also spoke to juniors and seniors at Washington High School re-
cently on the subject of "Teaching."
    "The Mental Health of the Teacher," an article by CYRIL
O'BRIEN, Education department, appeared in the January issue of
The Journal of School Health, published by the American School
Health Association.
    A TRIBUTE TO LIBERTY HYDE BAILEY (By Albert M. Fuller, Milwaukee
Public Museum): "Bailey did more to shape or guide the trend in
agriculture and horticulture in this country than any other man.
He was editor of the Rural Sciences Series of publications for
Macmillan Company.  The first book of that series was "The Soil"
by Professor F. H. KING of the University of Wisconsin. I collected
4-isconsin blackberries for him since 1924.  He described 14 new
species from my material.  The first new species was Rubus wiscon-
sinensis collected near Red Granite and described in 1932. Rubus
Fulleri,  collected near Necedah, was described in 1941.   Rubus
Fassettii, collected by FASSETT in Bayfield county, was also des-
cribed in 1941. Two new species were collected by RICHARD SCHNEIDER.
Rubus Pohlii was collected in Milwaukee county and described in
1947. Bailey described a total of 18 new species for Wisconsin.
    "After KRUSCHKE's work on the hawthorns is published, I plan
complete the field collecting and publish on the blackberries of
Wisconsin. "
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