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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 1955)

In memoriam: Richard Fischer, 1869-1955,   p. 39

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S 5nn,  953
                                RICHARD FISCHER, emeritus professor
                           of che.nistry at the University of ':-is-
                           consin, died at Minneapolis on Feb. 7,
                           1955.  His affiliation with the Wisconsin
                           Academy began on December 27, 1896 and
                           he was one of its oldest living members.
                           He was elected a Life Member on April 12,
     Fischer was born at New Ulm, M.innesota on November 18, 1869
and received his early schooling there. He joined the staff of
the University of Wisconsin Deoartment of Pharmacy in 1894 after
receiving a from the University of Michigan.  In 1398-
1900 he studied at the Universities of Berlin and Marburg and he
received a Ph.D. from the latter school in 1900. In 1950 that
school honored him by re-conferring upon him the Ph.D. degree on
the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation.
     In 1903 he was appointed chemist to the Wisconsin Dairy Food
Commission in addition to his teaching duties as an assistant
professor in the Department of Pharmacy. In 1909 he was appointed
State Chemist and Director of the Chemical Laboratory and from
1913 to 1930 he flwas Consulting Director to the Commission.  When
the University established the Chemistry Course in 1909, Fischer
became a full professor in the Chemistry Department. The next year
he reached the goal of his ambition, to teach organic chemistry.
     Wisconsin was a pioneer in establishing pure food laws and
Professor Fischer possessed unique experience and ability in this
field because of his chairmanship of the Interstate Food Commis-
sion's Committee on Standards.  In anticipation of the enactment
of the Pure Food and Drugs Act of June 30, 1906, the Secretary of
Agriculture set up a six-member Committee on Food Standards.
Professor Fischer was selected as one of the members of this group
which prepared an historic document in the annals of the interstate
traffic of foods in America. His work with the State Dairy and
Food Commission did much to promote 'i-isconsin's dairy industry and
prosecute violations of the food lawks in the courts.
     Students of Professor Fischer loved and respected him. He was
always glad to assist them and his kindly way of helping was one of
the fine characteristics he possessed. Although he never married,
he had many friends. His final gesture was a bequest of $10,000 to
the University of Wisconsin Chemistry Department to establish a
permanent trust fund for loans to needy students in chemistry.
     Richard Fischer was also an honorary member of Alpha Chi Sigma,
professional chemical fraternity, and a member of the American
Chemical Society and Die Deutsche Chemische Gessellschaft. ---
  Adapted from a U.'W. Memorial Resolution prepared by the following
committee: ilĀ±ichael W. Klein, Karl Paul Link, J. H. Mathews,
S. Mvi. McElvain and Henry A. Schuette (chairman).
Spcring} 1955

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