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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 1955)

W. E. S.
In memoriam: Benjamin Smith Reynolds, 1885-1954,   p. 38

Page 38

33                                Wisconsin Academy Hevlew
                                          3n  Atmoinam
                                          U18 -19154
                                   ELIZABETH A. OEHLENSOHLAEGER
                                   died in Milwaukee on Dec. 27,
                                   1954 at about 90 years of age.
                                   She had been a WNisconsin Academy
                                   member since 1943. Her intense
                                   interest in ornithology was
                                   specialized in the study of birds
                                   of prey, healing of sick and in-
                                   Jured birds and conservation edu-
                                   cation. She was also an active
                                   member in the A.0.U. and W.S.0.
                                   and published a number of
                                   papers in their journals.
                                   Born in Denmark, she came to
                                   America as a young girl, when
her family settled near Oconomowoc.   She had a deep appreciation
for literature and the arts, and translated into English a tragedy
called "Axel and Walburg' by her grandfather, Adam notmob Oehlen-
schlaeger, once Denmark's poet laureate.  In the 1937 picture
shown here she is handling a peregrine falcon. ---W.E.S.
                                          3Bin  Menmoriahm
                                   BENJAMIcN askaTH REYNOLDS, who
                                   died in Madison on Dec. 20,1954,
                                   was a member of the Wisconsin
                                   Academy since 1944.  He was a
                                   manufacturer and Chairman of the
                                   Board of the Research Products
                                   Corpooration in M11adison as well as
                                   a Director of several other comp-
                                   anies. He graduated from the Uni-
                                   versity of seiisconsin in engineer-
                                   ing in 1909 and In 195? was hon-
                                   ored on Engineer's Day. As alumni
                                   representative on the Untversity
                                   of Wisconsin Board of Visitors,he
                                   served as the Board's Secretary.
                                   A leader in projects aimed at
                                   community betterment, Reynolds
                                   gave freely of his time and energy
                                   for civic work. There is being
                                   established in his memory at the
                                   University of Wisconsin an annual
award of a mecal and A1 ,O00 to the faculty member who contributes
most to the instruction of engineering students. It is an award
"for excellence in teaching future engineers." He is survived
his wife and a son. ---W.E.S.
Wisconsin Academy Review

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