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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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      TSC                ,160                UND
Tschude Alvine Miss, clk. J. C. Pettibone, res. 861 Morrison.
Tschude Christian, shoemkr, res. 861 Morrison.
Tschude Henry, elk. Rudolph Schwarz, res. 861 Morrison.
Tschude Mina, clk., res. 861 Morrison.
Tschudy John, watchman, res. 822 Lake.
Tubbs Silas B., res. 693 Oneida.
Tucker Almond C., teamster, res. 635 Lawe.
Tulloch William H., molder, res. 687 Oneida.
Turner Elmore A., hostler, res. 700 Fisk.
Turner George W., boarding stable, 734 Edwards, res. 700 Fisk.
Turner Hall, n. e. cor. Superior and Fisk.
Turner William, carriage painter, res. 1103 Appleton.
Turner's Drum Corps, Frank Howard, leader, Turner Hall.
Turtle Charles, mason, res. 600 Atlantic.
Tyne Mary K. (wid. Peter), res. 947 5th.
 U CKERMANN Frederick, lab., res. 1090 Superior.
       Ulbrecht Paul, butcher F. Petersen Jr., res. 726 Appleton.
Ulbrich Julius, baker G. S. Woodard, res. 700 College av.
Ullenbruck William, lab., res. 849 Commercial.
Ullman Amelia (J. Ullman & Co.), res. 802 Oneida.
Ullman Belle Miss, res. 802 Oneida.
Ullnan Daniel L. (J. Ullman & Co.), res. 679 North.
Ullman Gabriel (J. Ullman & Co.), res. 802 Oneida.
ULLMAN J. & (CO. (Joseph, Daniel L. and Amelia Ullman),
  dlrs. in horses, mules and cattle, n. s Johnson, 1 e. Morrison.
Ullman Joseph (J. Ullman & Co.), res. 684 Fisk.
Ullman Rose Miss, res. 802 Oneida.
ULAIANN HENRY W., meat market, 754 Lawe, res. 782
Ulrich Edward C., asst. P. M., res. 694 Oneida.
Ulrich Gertrude Miss, res. 694 Oneida.
Ulrich Henry W., elk. P. 0., res. 624 Union.
Ulrich William, papermkr, res. 882 Lake.
Ultimatum Cornet Band, Edward Tornow, leader, 1103 Oneida.
Umland Wim. M. (Steuck, Umland & Co.), res. 708 College av.
Underhill Auguste Miss, dressmkr, res. 761 Bates.
Underwood A. W., sec. and treas. Aniwa Mnfg. Co., res. Chica-
  go, 111.
Underwood Helen J. Miss, res. 549 Alton.

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