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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

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Page 123

Ossman Hattie, domestic 533 Atlantic.
Ostrander Earl H. (Ostrander & Kreiss), res. 701 Morrison.
Ostrander Stella Miss, res. 704 Morrison.
OSTRANDER        &  KREISS (Earl 1I. Ostrander and Fred
  H. Kreiss), physicians, (;16 Oneida.
Otto Agnes Miss, res. 955 D)urkee.
Otto Albert, painter, res. 955 D)urkee.
Otto Augusta Miss, dressmkr, res. 955 l)urkee.
Otto Clara, domestic 8T Oneida.
Otto Ernest, spinner, res. 955 Durkee.
Otto Gottlieb, lab., res. 835 Foster.
Otto Leopold, machinist, res. 955 D)urkee.
Otto Mina Miss, res. 835 Foster.
Otto William, res. 1109 N. I)ivision.
Otto William F., elk. W. F. Montgomery, res. 955 l)urkee.
Owen Hattie Miss, res. 729 Drew.
Owens Frank, pulp grinder, res. 077 S. River.
Oxner Bernard, lab., res. 518 MISason.
P ACKARD Ida (. Miss, res. 801 Appleton.
     Packard (Chas, J., carpenter, 861 On)eida, res. same.
Packard Eugene L., surveyor, res. 965 ( ilmor.
Packard Eflie Ml . Miss, res. 920 (O)neida.
Packard Leslie, m'achiiiist, res. 781 OQmidaI.
Packard Loring L., carpenter, res. 920 Oneida.
Packard Myron A., patternmnkr, res. 867 Oneida.
Packard Strong ( ., Iab., res. 965 (GilmorC.
PACKARD        WVILLIAM 1I., carpenter contractor, 920
  Oneida, res. same.
Paddock Oscar, paperimkr, res. 153 State.
Paeth Albert, lab., res. 955 Like.
Paeth Bertha Miss, res. 955 Lake.
Paetzold flerman, weaver, res. 107 Eldorado.
Page Eben, blacksminth, res. 586 aWashington.
Palbado James, lab., res. 555 Walmut.
Pahn Ida Miss, res. 1082 N. I)ivision.
Pahn John, res. 735 Commercial.
Palm Louis, lab., res. 1082 N. Division.
Pahn William, tailor, res. 1060 Lawrenee.
Palmer Charles P., millwright, res. 4783 College av.
Palmer Minnie Miss, teacher, res. 910.Superior.

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