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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: M],   pp. 108-118 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 108

      MAA                  108               MAN
 M AACK Henry, lab., res. 655 Bennett.
        Maahs Robert, cabinetmkr, res. 348 Eldorado.
Maby John, res. 968 Prospect.
Madajewske Ernest, drug elk., res. 623 2d av.
Madajewski Frederick, cupola tender, res. 623 2d av.
Mader Frank, mason, res. 57 Newberry.
Mader Joseph, lab., res. 57 Newberry.
Mader Mary Miss, res. 57 Newberry.
Mader. See Moder.
Madgain John, lab., res. s. s. Candee, 4 w. Walter av.
Madgain Michael, lab., res. s. s. Candee, 5 w. Walter av.
Magalowsky Rudolph, rag dealer, 690 Pacific, res. same.
Maglinski Minnie, help Waverly House.
Mahler Louis, carpenter, res. 842 Durkee.
Mahn Christian, lab., res. 955 Leminawah.
MAHNCKE CHAS. A., physician, 685 Richmond, res.
Maier. See Meier and Meyer.
Main Andrew J., cik. C. A. Pardee, res. 733 College av.
Mainland Leslie C., sec. App. Gaslight Co., res. 775 Lawrence.
Maislein George A., sole cutter, res. 756 Center.
Maislein Henry, peddler, res. 943 Gilmore.
Maislein Mary, res. 943 Gilmore.
Malaun Benjamin, barber, 646 Oneida, res. same.
Malcore Eli, lab., res. 1075 College av.
Mallory Edward M., bkpr Appleton Mfg. Co., res. 775 Lawrence.
Malone Annie Miss, res. 810 College av.
Malone Ella Miss, elk., res. 749 Superior.
Malone Ellen (wid. James), res. 749 Superior.
Malone John, paper mill hand, res. 749 Superior.
Malone Josie Miss. tel. opr., res. 749 Superior.
Malone Lawrence, lab., res. 749 Superior.
Malone William, lab., res. 749 Superior.
Malone William L., watchmkr, 810 College av., res. same.
Manget Nicholas, lab., res. 1200 Packard.
Manitowoc House, Henry Schlichter, prop., 649 Lake.
MANN WVM., saloon, 726 Appleton, res. same.
Manner Mary (wid. Louis), res. 1027 Atlantic.
Manner Minnie, paper layer, res. 1027 Atlantic.
Manning Kittie Miss, res. 651 Locust.
Manning Thomas, lab., res. 651 Locust.
Manser Henry (Manser, Pfennig & Co.), res. 927 Appleton.

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