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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

[W],   pp. 419-442 PDF (8.7 MB)

Page 419

                                       Since 1860
           APPLETON CITY DIRECTORY (1925)        419
xVoight Martin (Pearl) carp r1815 (47) E Newberry
,Voigt Albert (Emma) mason h1023 (1205) W Commercial
Voigt Andrew (Mabel) clk h518 (608) E Spring
Voigt Anna B (wid Benj) h121 (771) E College av
Voigt Aug F (Martha) lab h1225 (1299) W Summer
Voigt Edwin J pharm Voigt's Drug Store r43 (22) Bel-
     laire ct
 Voigt Francis J slsmn Voigt's Drug Store r43 (22) Bel-
     laire ct
 Voigt Herman T (Lena) carp h1115 (959) N Richmond
 Voigt John E (Martha M; Voigt's Drug Store) h43 (22)
     Bellaire ct
 Voigt John L student r43 (22) Bellaire ct
 Voigt Leonard L lab r1225 (1299) W Summer
 Voigt Lorena A r1115 (959) N Richmond
 Voigt Pearl M sec The Wisconsin Rating League r1815 E
 Voigt Raymond B paperwkr Interlake P & P Co r121 (771)
     E College av
 VOICT'S DRUG STORE (John E Voigt), Druggist, Toilet
     Articles, D)rug Sundries, Cameras, Kodaks and Sup-
     lilies 134 (75S) E College av, Phone 754
 Vorbeck Bertha H student r1722 (1164) N Oneida
 Vorbeck Wm C auto mech r1722 (1164) N Oneida
 Vorbeck WnI H (Margt E) reprmn Appleton Battery Igni-
     tion Co r1722 (1164) N Oneida
 Vosbeck Clara clk M Jacobs r1215 (786) S Oneida
 Vosbeck Henry (Helen) h1215 (786) S Oneida
 Vosbeck Kate r402 (660) E North
 Vosbeck Michl stmftr hlpr W S Patterson Co hi 215 (786)
     S Oneida
 Vosbeck Theresa h1215 (786) S Oneida
 Vosburg Alice r215 (657) N Rankin
 Voss Chas E (Emma) papermkr h1225 (1295) W Lawrence
 Voss Helen J slsldy Riverside Green Houses r913 (903)
    N State
 Voss Helenea (wid Henry) r812 (1114) W Oklahoma
 Voss John papermkr h1219 (792) S Oneida
 Voss Julia A (wid Chas) h1118 (1258) W Packard
 Voss Lawrence J elk First National Bank r1219 (792) S
 Voss Louis ptrn mkr Valley Iron Wks res Neenah Wis
 Voss Roland H (Ida) lab h823 (1125) W Oklahoma
 Voss Sophie M (wid Win) h913 (903) N State
 Wachlin Henry F (Laura) h205 (651) N Story
 Wachter Harold A student r215 (663) N Richmond
 Wachter John J (Eliz H) formn h215 (663) N Richmond
 WADHA3LS OIL CO, George A Buth Mgr, Railroad av,
    Phone 861

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