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Our first 100 years, 1857-1957

The early days--1857-1900,   pp. 2-19 PDF (6.7 MB)

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   The Early Days-1857-1900
Mrs. A. Lewenstein and Mrs. William T. Ducklow
1835-White Heron built at Head of Grand
      Chute on Fox River. Present site be-
      tween Lutz Park and Alicia Park.
1847-Lawrence College received its Char-
1848-J. F. Johnston and his family were
      the first settlers in Appleton proper.
1848- Elder Sampson, Reeder Smith, Hoil
      S. Wright and Henry Blood laid out
      the Appleton Village plot.
1849-W. S. Warner set up the first dry-
      goods store.
1850-Census taken-619 people.
1850--Daniel Huntly had the first free
      public school.
1852-Eliku Spencer settled on land front-
      ing Spencer Street.
1852-Old Brown Church was built.
1853-First paper mill in Appleton, owned
      by C. P. Richmond.
1853-Appleton's first newspaper    (Cres-
      cent) founded by Samuel Ryan, Jr.
1853-Village of Appleon incorporated, with
      John F. Johnston as President.
1856-The steamboat "Aquila" passed
      Appleton on its first complete trip
      from Milwaukee to Green Bay.
1857-City of Appleton embraced Lawisburg
      on the east; the village of Appletdn in
      the center; and Grand Chute on the
1858-The Genesse Flour Mill began opera-
1861-The first railroad to serve Appleton;
      the Chicago and Northwestern Rail-
1874-Rabbi Weiss started the first Jewish
      congregation in Appleton.
1877-First telephone in Appleton, at home
      of banker, Alfred Galpin, extending
      from his home to his place of business.
1877-First gas for illumination and cook-
      ing use was brought into Appleton by
      George MacMillan.
1878-Atlas Mill began operation, producing
      ground wood pulp for a new paper
1882-On September 20, the world's first
      water-driven electric central station
      was placed in operation successfully.
      Two paper mills and one home were
      lighted electrically.
1883-Fox River Paper Corporation found-
1886-Judge J. E. Harriman, president of
      the Street Railway Company, began
      operating the first electric street-car
      on August 16.
1898-Appleton's participation in the Span-
      ish-American War; Company G of
      the 125th Wisconsin Infantry Com-

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