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16th annual report of the county agricultural agent in Wood County Wisconsin. 1936

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                      - LIVESTOCK IFROVD2lEN -
     ZVEM0281§:     Beginning in June of this year, 3319 dairy
herds in Wood Cofinty were tested for tuberculosis by the Wlisconsin
Department of Agrioulturo and Markets, cooperating with the United
States Department of Agriculture. 52,519 head of cattle were test-
ed with only 14 reactors being found. The extremely small percent-
age of infection indicates the thoroughness of the test and also
the accuracy of the test in oliminating the disease. The county was
tested first in 1923 and 1924 and again in 1927 and again in 1930.
Herds were allowed to run without a test for a six yoar pcriod,
from 1930 to 1936, with practically no siread of thc disease. Dairy
herds in the county now are free from thc disease and only eleven
diseased herds werc found in the county on a county-wide tost.
Accompanying charts show the infection by towmships.
     BATG'S DISEASE:  With the inauguration of the federal testing
program for Bang's diseaso, Wood County farmers well understood the
problem of Bang's disease and the necessity for its control. More
than 1200 farmers have made application for thc test and to date
moro than 800 herds have boon tOstcd. Morc than 400 hords have boon
found to be clean and free from the disease. Approximately 11% of
the cattle in the county are found to be infectod with Bang's diseasc
Slightly more than 1000 head of cattle havc boon found to be infectee
and have boen climinated from the hords. .^.ll infected cattle have
boon slaughtered under feceral supervision. Indemnity money, amount-
ing to approximatcly 024.80 pcr head, has boon paid on slightly more
than 1000 head, making a total of $24,800 received by farmcrin the
county for indemnity money.  Farmors have also gotten the full sal-
vagc value of their cattle from tho tcrminal markets whcre thoy wcre
wore sold. The County Agricultural Agent has conducted a campaign
in cvcry school district in the county calling attention to the ad-
vantages of the test.  More than 200 farm loaders wcrc trainod by
Dr. V. S. Larson, Dopartmcnt of Agriculture and Ilarkots, cooperating
with the County Agricultural Agont's office, and conducted moetings
in 120 school districts on tho cvening of September 24th. Approxi-
matoly 500 herd owners made application to the United States Depart-
mont of Agriculturc through the County Agricultural Agent's office
for thc test as a result of thesc meetings.
     Herds in several townships, cspecially Richfiold and 'Oort Ed-
wards, are practically clean and free from Bang's disease. There
is a strong sentiment for an area or township "clean up" in those
two tomnships.  Farmers who got thcir hcrds clean and free from tho
disease, and havo thon certified as such by the State Departmont of
Agriculture and Markets, place thomsolvcs in a position as the pro-
gram progresses, Whereby they can cnjoy a l-rgcr income from their
herd and they will also be able to scll ¢lc.ln cattle to farmers in
neighboring states. The accompanying chrrts show tho progress of
oradication and sign up of this discasc by townships. Applications-
for Bang's disease show only about 10% of the herds having purebred
sires. It is clarly evident that low pricus, continued drouth,
and adverse conditions have shoim their effects on tho hcrds of the
cattle ovwnrs in the county.  Tho butterfat production per cow in
Wood County has bccn decreasing annually for the last three or four
- -

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