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University of Wisconsin / The winter course in dairy manufacturing, 1935-36

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marketing, and veterinary science. Following the Christmas recess the
work is resumed December 31 and the following weeks will be devoted
to butter making, cheese making, ice cream making and market milk.
The student will have an opportunity of taking or electing two of these
subjects in the last six weeks. No person will be eligible to take the
second half of the course unless a satisfactory record has been made
in the first six weeks. Those who have had a dairy course at Wiscon-
sin or equivalent training are eligible to take the last half of the course
or any three weeks part thereof and will not be required to take the
first six weeks work.
                       FIRST SEMESTER
                  NOVEMBER II To DECEMBER 21
                  DAIRY BACTERIOLOGY
    The relation of bacteria to milk and its products. Instruction is
given in the care and handling of milk and the relation this bears to
the quality of products manufactured from it. The methods of de-
termining undesirable bacteria in milk, the different kinds of fermenta-
tion that occur, and the use of pure culture starters will be studied.
    Lecture Room  314, Agricultural Hall, Tuesday and Thursday
9-1o. Laboratory periods, Agricultural Hall, Room 216, Section A.
Tuesday and Thursday 10-12. Section 13, Tuesday and Thursday, 1-3.
(E. G. Hastings).

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