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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Winter courses in agriculture for farm boys--1929-30

Plan of work for winter courses,   p. 8 PDF (214.0 KB)

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            Plan of Work for Winter Courses
  In all courses except the dairy manufacturing courses the
year consists of three terms of five weeks each. Students
may enter at the beginning of any term. The course is so
planned that a definite unit of work is completed during each
five-week period, except in a few subjects of the second and
third schedules.
  The subjects of the first year schedule are required for
graduation for all who are not high school graduates, but
the work of the second and third year schedules is entirely
elective. This provides that the person in the second and
third year schedules may select their own branches of study
subject to rules of the Winter Course Committee as given
below. A diploma is granted upon the completion of two
years' work equivalent to 36 credits. Preliminary training
as explained under "Requirements for Admission" may
shorten this period. Parliamentary Practice and Physical
Education are required for the first two years of work.
Library instruction is required in the first year schedule.
  The graduate may return for his third winter and select
subjects which he was unable to get in former years. In this
way he will get much more nearly what the collegiate stu-
dent gets in his full year period of instruction.
  The course is planned for a maximum of four subjects
and parliamentary practice, physical education and library.
This provides for lectures, recitations, laboratory practice,
and demonstrations, with definite assignments for study dur-
ing free periods and evenings. In the laboratories, students
are given practice in such subjects as stock and grain judg-
ing, grafting, budding and pruning fruit trees, testing seeds,
laying tile drains, operating farm engines and machines, mix-
ing rations for animals, examining horses for soundness.
Classes begin at 8 A. M., continuing until 4:30 with a noon
intermission from 12 to 1:30 P. M. No classes are held
Saturday afternoon.
                Requirements for Admission
  No entrance examination is required. Students should be
at least 16 years old and should have a common school edu-
cation to pursue the studies of the Winter Courses to the

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