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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

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          g _    p ~53.LSJ.....Nf.E. P-A..Q-Q ... .&A.M  ,
          The swine breeders of Winnebago County maintained an
active association the past year.  The purpose of this assuciatien
is to plan a program that would improve the conditions of swino
raisers in the counbry,
          The S!,rine Breeders program has been one of desominatinlg
only the best type of hogs to swine raisers. This purpose has been
accomplished by sponsoring two sales -- a serviceablo boar salo in
the fall and a bred gilt sale in the wintcr,   In this way only
breeding stock of outstanding type is cons-gnod and is sold for
breedlng purposes. The swine breeders have gone cot of the county
to other sections of the state to get spe'cific broods of hogs to
bring in. For example, last winter Berkshires wore brought in
from Burlington so that this breed might be introduced into the
          Last winter as a feature of the gilt sale, Ray Steidl
and Art Magnus of the Equity Livestock Sales Cooperative of
Milwaukee gave a demonstration on the type of hog demanded by the
packers. This was very educational.
          The Swine breeders held the following sales the last
year --
    February 17 -- 33 Gilts sold for an arorago of "23.50
    October 19  -- 16 Boars s old for an average of $19.00
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          Sheep prograr.n cCnsjistoC o' t.o c.c:ioiis'trationial nec.i.
The demonstrations vwere well attended by sheepmen in the countye,
The following demonstrations were given -- shearing, dipping,
drenching, castrating docking grading and selling of wool. For
this demonstration, the portable sheep dipping equipment owned and
operated in Green Lake County was brought in so that local
sheepmen might observe its operation,

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