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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Wilson, Woodrow
Smith Lever Act,   p. 1 PDF (426.2 KB)

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  "Bb it enacted by the Senate and Hous
sentatives of the United States of Amer
Congress assembled That in order to aed
among the people of the United States u
practical information on subjects relat
agriculture and home economics, and to
application of the same there may be i:
connection with the college or colleges
now receiving, or which may hereafter r
benefits of the act of Congress approve
eighteen hundred and sixty-two .., agri
extension work which shall be carried o
tion with the United States Department
e of Repre-
ica in
in diffusing
seful and,
ing to
encourage the
na.igurated in
in each State
eceives the
d July second,
n in coopera-
of Agriculture:
  "Sec. 2. That cooperative agricultural extension
work shall consist of thie givinC; of instruction and
practical demonstrations in agriculture and home
economics to persons not attending or resident in
said colleges in the several coin-munities, and
imparting to such persons info-ration on said
subjects through field demonstratiuisX publica-
tions, and otherwise; and this .work shall be
carried on in such manner as miay be mutually
agreed upon by the Secretary of Agriculture
and the State agricultural college or colleges
receiving the benefits of this act.
  "Sec. 3. That for the purpose of paying .....
                           IX)0  dOJA ,J
May 8, 1914          President of the United States
/I   /-,, /'S/ f A(f_(JL/.- IL.-- L..--f, ,-~ ' ~'
OrA -CC,-Aer1qC
7  , 1-!4 M  '5.
:.11 -        N._., I           I
,F F  - / I ' ' '-/ I U41 / -) O U i     u (-) 4, r ) c:
0 /I 1- t - e?  U 0 t- fc- r C 6' n 1(41 r1l C),74" e A te rl S /O,,-/
             ALI.,                       .-L

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