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The Emerald: the Waterford Union High School annual
(May, 1964)

Administration,   pp. 4-5

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Waterford High School 
The 1963-64 school year has been an important one in the history of 
Waterford High School, a year that has been concerned primarily 
with the building program. Speaking for the staff and students, I 
wish to thank the parents and other taxpayers of the Waterford High 
School district for furnishing us with the facilities and equipment 
so essential to our task of providing quality education. 
I know the staff joins with me in pledging our support in maintain- 
ing the high quality of education made possible by the new equip- 
ment and the twenty-nine additional rooms. We shall improve our 
curriculum as the needs of the area indicate, so that Waterford 
High School will provide all those activities which will give our 
people the kind of education of which they and we will be proud. 
I would like to express my gratitude to the entire student body for 
their patient and understanding cooperation during the trying time 
that building was in progress. You will enjoy with us the improved 
and extended facilities when you return in the fall. 
I especially wish to extend my personal good wishes to the graduates 
of 1964. I know that the knowledge you have gained and the exper- 
iences you have enjoyed here at Waterford High School will inspire 
you to put forth your best effort in all your undertakings in the 
years to follow. 

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