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Hennessey and Company / Standard atlas of Walworth County, Wisconsin : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county, patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information analysis of the system of U.S. land surveys

Classified business directory of Elkhorn, Wisconsin,   p. II

Page II

Delavan Wisconsin Continued
Telephone Companies
Walworth County Telephone Co.
Wisconsin Telephone Co.
Coyne, Thos., 227 Walworth avenue, upstairs
Philipp, Carl, 125 Walworth avenue
Teas and Coffees
Delavan Tea Store, 2II Walworth avenue
Teamster and Wood
Barnes, George, 410 McDowell street
Veterinary Surgeon
McCullough, R. A., 2o8 North 3d street.
Windmills, Stock Tanks, Reservoirs
Reader, J. B., 712, 714, 716 Wisconsin street
Cigar Manufacturers
Beamsley & Miller
Finnegan, George
Utley & Shanahan, 207 Walworth avenue, upstairs
Van Velzer, W. C. & Son., 221 Walworth avenue
Winn, Fred
Granite Cutter
Turrie, Paul, 107 Walworth avenue
Machine Repairing
Durkee, E. L., 319 Walworth avenue
Opera House
Francisco, N. 0., manager, Cor. 2d and Walworth avenue
State Institution
Walker, E. W., Superintendent, Wisconsin State School
for the Deaf
Briggs, H. A., retired farmer
Gardner, M. H., Secretary Holsiem Freisian Association of
McSorley, Jas. B., 6o6 Walworth avenue
Meacham, C. C., Alderman
Nelson, Andrew M., Railway employee
Schultz, August, Capitalist
Classified Business Directory of .Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Adkins, Henry D. L., assistant cashier First Nat'l Bank
Barnes, C., general insurance
Barnes, H. D., Jr., ex-register of deeds
Buchholz, L. H., barber shop and baths
Byington, C. N. grocery
Carswell, 0., grocery
Carswell, N., real estate
Child, Win., surveyor
Clark, T. A., drugs and stationery
Clohisy, Arthur,
Coombe, W. H., boots and shoes
Desing, H. W., general merchandise
Desing, A. F., general blacksmithing
Dunbar, W. E., Jr., dentist
Elkhorn Dry Goods Co., dry goods, carpets and shoes
Elkhorn House, George H. Amos, proprietor
Elkhorn Implement Co., J. B. Stokes, farm implements
and vehicles
Elkhorn Lumber Co., lumber, grain and coal
Eltzroth, F. L.,jeweler and optician
Fahr, H. P., dentist
Fay Bros., livery, feed and sale stable
Finch & Ellsworth, variety store
First National Bank, Fred W. Isham, cashier
Flack, W. E., drugs and stationery
Foot, H. H., county treasurer
Foster, L. G., real estate and investments
Freligh, Charles, hardware and stoves
Goff, S. C., dentist
Gott, W. W., N. W. Mutual Life Insurance
Greene, C. P., president First National Bank
Graff, A., boots and shoes
Graff, C. F., jeweler and optician
Groesbeck, G. W. & Son, meat market
Hanson, C. P., boots and shoes
Harrington, Grant D., county clerk
Harrington, George E., sheriff
Hartwell, H. E., stock buyer
Holmes, F. G., register of deeds
Hotchkiss, Charles C., hardware and stoves
Hubbard, E. C., grocery
Hurlbut, W. H., physician and surgeon
Ingalls, John P., district attorney
Lindow, Charles, furniture
Kellog, George 0., circuit clerk
Kinne, Dr., physician and surgeon
Lyon, Jay G., county judge
Lyon Drug Co., drugs and stationery
Maaske, Charles, real estate
Marsh, J. M., physician and surgeon
McCabe, A. L., real estate
McDonald, R. J., marble and granite works
McGill, W. E., plumber
McKay, Henry, livery, feed and sale stable
McKinstry Clothing Co., clothing and furnishing
Moorfield, T. W., grocery, restaurant and postmaster
Morrison, Smith B., Walworth County Abstract Co.
Morrissey, John, general blacksmithing
Nicholas, Rev. James, Catholic Priest
Noblet, H. J., retired farmer
Norris, H. C., dry goods and Secretary Walworth County
Agricultural Society
Norton, W. C., attorney-at-law
O'Malley, W. P., physician and surgeon
Opitz, Fred, wagon works
Opitz, Julius, general blacksmith
Parliament, F J., Parliament's Department Store
Page, Jay W., attorney-at-law
Pierce, George E, general merchandise
,Piplow, Charles, harness and horse goods
Reed & Son, furniture and undertaking
Slattery, J. J., clothing and furnishing
Slattery, T. E., grocery
Sprague, E. H., attorney-at-law
State Bank of Elkhorn, E. J. Hooper, cashier
Sykes, C. A., supervisor of assessments
The Elkhorn Independent, Eames & Snyder, publishers
The Nickel Plate Hotel, Wm. O'Brien, proprietor
Tubbs, W. J., abstractor
Wales, C. E., photographer
West, W. A., Wisconsin Butter and Cheese Co.
White, E. E, sheriff
Wisconson Butter and Cheese Co., J. H. Harris, Pres.
Wing, C. I,., grocery, crockery and furnishing
Wing & Hoffman, dry goods and notions
Young, G. H., physician, surgeon and mayor

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