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Satz, Ronald N. / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 79, No. 1

Appendix 3C: Sketch of speech to the Indians at La Pointe by Robert Stuart, Com. September 29, 1842,   pp. 165-169 ff. PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 165

                           Appendix 3C
  Sketch of Speech to the Indians at La Pointe by Robert Stuart,
                      Comr. September 29.1842-
I am happy to shake hands with so many of my old friends, and very glad to
them all well- Last winter I visited your Great Father at Washington, and
with him about your circumstances -he knows that you are poor, that your
are not good, and that you have very little game left, to feed and clothe
your women
& children- He therefore pities your condition, and has sent me here
to see what
can be done to benefit you - some of you now get a little money, goods &
provisions - others get none at all, because the Govt: did not think your
worth buying, at former Treaties- By the treaty you made with Gov: Cass at
du Lac in 1826, you granted the right to carry away any minerals which might
found on your lands, so that they are now no longer yours: and the whites
been asking your Great Father to give them permission to take away all they
find - but your Great Father wishes first to make a new treaty, and pay you
for these lands and minerals; he knows you are poor and needy, and that you
be made comfortable by getting a little money, Goods, provisions, & tobacco-
also farmers to shew you how to cultivate the earth -carpenters to aid you
build your houses; and some more blacksmiths, to mend your Guns, Traps, Axes,
& other things you need - and something for schools, that your {0061}
may be taught to read and write, like the whites -I understand that you have
been displeased about your present Blacksmiths and farmers, but if any thing
been wrong, and that you will let me know it, I will write to your Great
and he will be glad to try and put all right, so that hereafter they may
be valuable
to you. From what I learn, I fear that you do not esteem your teachers &
as you should -some of you seem to think that you may always live as you
done heretofore; but do you not see that the Great Spirit is changing things
around you -Formerly all the country down to Washington, and the Great Salt
Lake, was owned and inhabited by the Red men- But now the whites fill that
whole country, they are numerous as the pigeons in the Spring, this all of
you who
have been at Washington know: whereas many of the poor Indians have died
poverty and drinking whiskey, and others have been sent west of the Mississippi,
to make room for the whites- The reason of this is not that the Great Spirit
the whites more the he does the Indians: but that the whites have listened
to their
religious teachers & sent their children to school, so that they learned
a great deal
more than the Indians, and have become wise and rich, while the Indians remain
ignorant and poor. If you will give education to your children they will
by & by
become wise, rich & comfortable as the whites- I hope you will open your
and hearts to receive this advice, and that you may soon receive great light-
I am afraid for you; I see very few go to hear religious {0062} instruction
from the
Missionaries, altho' they are preaching every evening in the church, and
anxious that you should learn to become wise, from the good Book of the Great
Spirit -If you do this, you shall live happy and have no quarrels among yourselves,
as at present, nor with the whites - you would commit no depredations, nor

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