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Satz, Ronald N. / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 79, No. 1

Appendix 3B: Treaty Commissioner Robert Stuart's remarks of November 19, 1842,   pp. 163-164 PDF (544.3 KB)

Page 163

Appendix 3B
           Treaty Commissioner Robert Stuart's Remarks
                         of November 19, 1842
Detroit November 1 9th 1842
Hon: T. Hartley Crawford
  Corn: Indian Affairs
                     My anxiety to transmit to you the Supt.,Y a/c.s and
report in due season, must plead my apology for the delay in forwarding the
concluded with the Chippewa Indians of the Mississippi and Lake Superior
at La
Pointe, on 4th October last; the claims are now adjusted and I have the honor
enclose herewith the Treaty complete; which I trust will be satisfactory
to the
Department. The whole amt. of claims laid in, amounted to $244.331 21/100-
and for a time, it was doubtful whether at least $100.000 for debts, and
for half breeds, would not be insisted upon; but ultimately $75.000 for debts
was agreed to, and the Indian annuities were somewhat increased, so as to
them annually, to aid their poor half breed relatives. It is unnecessary
to trouble
you with further details, as you understand the advantages of the Treaty
as regards
both our country and the Indians; besides, the whole subject was discussed
fully in my late Report.-
  These Indians are through our late efforts, entirely reconciled among themselves,
and highly delighted with the kind and generous dealing of the Government
them; and if the impression made this summer, should be followed up next
by the benevolent effort on the part of the Government, to mediate a Treaty
peace between the Chippewas {0196} and Sioux, it would promote the cause
humanity, and greatly advance the civilization and happiness of these hapless
There will not in my opinion, be much difficulty in accomplishing this object,
you appoint men who have influence with the Indians. Both Tribes should be
fully to understand, that the very first aggressor shall be severely punished;
full faith should be kept in this as well as in every other respect; for
at present,
both the threats and promises of the Government, are treated with incredulity,
least- If the Government, (as many think,) is in honor and duty bound to
use its
best endeavors, to put a stop to the horrible carnage which these Tribes
are con-
tinually committing upon each other; permit me to suggest, that it might
be well,
soon to issue orders to the Agent of St. Peters, to notify all his bands
of Sioux, to
assemble there, about the lst of July next.- And the Sub Agent at La Pointe,
should have similar instructions, as relates to all his Chippewas; so that
they also
may be at Fort Snelling on 1l1 July. The Chiefs, Head Men and Braves only,
be called, and $6000 might defray the whole expenses.-
  The Flat Mouth, Chief of the Chippewas of the Leech Lake Country, with
60 of his Warriors, came to visit me at La Pointe - his main object was to

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