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Haywood, Carl N. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 75 (1987)

Haywood, Carl N.
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From the Editor 
 After completing work on Volume 74, 1986, Philip and Kathryn Whitford resigned
as editors of Transactions. Their dedicated work for the journal, sometimes
under difficult circumstances and without adequate support staff, is greatly
appreciated. As the new editor I wish to acknowledge their contribution,
and on behalf of all associated with the journal, to express our sincere
thanks to the Whitfords for their excellent work. My hope is to maintain
the standards of judgment, breadth of view, and quality of product so long
evident under the Whitfords' editorship. 
 Readers will note only modest changes in the 1987 volume of the journal.
There are a few technical changes in this issue, but the addition of assistant
editors and a production editor has already meant an increase in the services
we have been able to provide to authors. And recent changes at the Academy
office plus the support that naturally comes from being associated with a
university campus, have increased the resources available to the journal.
No dramatic changes are anticipated though I do plan to include more material
from arts and letters. The next volume will have a poetry section, and consideration
is being given to a photographic essay, a series of profiles of Wisconsinites,
an interview, and original ink drawings or woodcuts. It is my hope that Transactions
will reflect the diverse interests and activities of the members of the Wisconsin
Academy as well as continue to serve as a place to present original work
by Wisconsin writers or about Wisconsin. 
 Three aspects of this volume of Transactions should be noted. The first
is the inclusion of the Bruce Taylor poem, which gives some indication of
things to come. Bruce has agreed to serve as poetry editor for the 1988 volume.
The second is the unusually long and detailed lead article entitled "Wisconsin
Death March." In this article Professor clifton meticulously reconstructs
the story of an episode in American and Wisconsin history that injected suspicion
and bitterness into the relationship between the Chippewa Indians and various
agencies of the government. The article serves as an ideal background against
which to place the current arguments over the Chippewa's exercise of rights
they reserved by treaty. The 1987 volume concludes with another article in
a series that began a number of years ago. Botanists are studying the flora
of Wisconsin, and Transactions was selected as the journal to publish the
occasional reports. When the study is completed, this journal will be the
major source of information for anyone studying the flora of Wisconsin. We
are pleased to continue our participation in this project with the publication
of the report on Euphorbiaceae—The Spurge Family. 
 All of us at Transactions hope that you enjoy this volume and that you will
consider submitting ideas or completed works for possible publication. 
Carl N. Haywood 

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