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Dicke, Robert J. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XLIV (1955)

Greene, H. C.
Notes on Wisconsin parasitic fungi. XXI,   pp. 29-43 ff. PDF (5.6 MB)

Page 29

Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
 The collections on which this series of notes is based were, unless stated
otherwise, made during the season of 1954. 
 PLASMOPARA HALSTEDII (Farl.) Ben. & DeToni, collected at Madison, July
19, 1953 on leaves of Helianthus strumosus, is overgrown by a species of
Ctadosporium. The hyphae of the latter appear to penetrate the sporangiophores
of the Plasmopara, but the relationship is uncertain. The slender ultimate
threads of the Cladosporium mycelium are subhyaiine, and the overgrowth thus
has somewhat the aspect of a mucedine. 
 Undetermined powdery mildews have been collected on the following hosts:
Grindelia squarrosa, near Forward, Dane Co., August 5; Aster shortii, near
Monticello, Green Co.; Capsella bursa-pastoris, Madison, September 2. Coil.
E. A. Stowell. 
 GL0MERELLA PHOMOIDES Swank is described (Phytopath. 43: 
285. 1953) as the perfect stage of Colletotrichum phomoides (Sacc.) Chester.
C. phomoicles has been collected in Wisconsin on tomato and pepper. 
 VENPURIA sp. (immature) on Gaylussacia baccata was collected at Hope Lake
Bog, Jefferson Co., September 19 by M. ;S. Bergseng. Immature Venturias have
been found on a number of Ericaceae in Wisconsin. It is assumed they require
overwintering to mature. 
 PLEUROCERAS POPULI G. E. Thompson is described (Mycologia 46: 655. 1954)
as the perfect stage of Marssonina rhabdospora (Eli. & Ev.) Magn. which
occurs in Wisconsin on Populus grandiclentata and P. tremuloides. 
 G. W. Fischer's "Manual of the North American Smut Fungi", which recently
appeared, introduces a number of name changes affecting smuts which occur
on Wisconsin hosts. Entyloma gauraniticum Speg. (on Brauneria pallida) is
a synonym of E. polysporum (Pk.) Fan. Entyloma irregulare Johans. (on Poa
pratensis) and Entyloma crastophilum Sacc. (on Agrostis alba, Glyceria pallida,
Phleum pratense) are both considered as synonyms of Entyloma dactylidis (Pass.)
Cif. Entyloma saniculae Peck (on Sanicula gregaria, S. marilandica) is a
synonym of Entyloma eryngii (Cda.) DeBany. Entyloma gratiolae (Davis) Cif.
is used instead of E. linariae van. gratiolae for the smut on 

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