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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXIII (1927)

Harring, H. K.; Myers, F. J.
The rotifer fauna of Wisconsin. IV. The Dicranophorinae,   pp. [667]-Plate 49 ff. PDF (41.5 MB)

Page [667]

          H. K. HARRING AND F. J. MYERS
  Notes from the Biological Laboratory of the Wisconsin
      Geological and Natural History Survey. XXX.
Confusion has long reigned among the forcipate Notom-
nmatids or Dicranophorinae. Attention was called to the
problem by De Beauchamp in his fundamental work of 1909,
and Von Hofsten attempted in his papers of 1912 and 1923
to bring order out of the chaos without, however, achiev-
ing any striking results. With a large number of unde-
scribed species belonging to this group on our hands some
rearrangement becomes necessary.
   As explained in earlier papers of this series, the work
 on the Wisconsin rotifers originated as a faunal list, but
 with the lapse of time it has unavoidably taken on some-
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tained at any time that it would be possible to exhaust the
rotifer fauna of any such extensive territory, but it was
thought practicable to reach within a reasonable time a
stage where new species would be found only at rare inter-
vals. This has been attained for Lecane and Monostyla,
but for no other genera, and there is as yet no reason
for hoping that it will be, at least not for the larger genera.
Even now it is possible to go to old, favorite collecting
grounds that have been visited regularly for years, and
bring home a dozen undescribed rotifers in a week, always
including some additions to the Dicranophorinae. We have
therefore come to the conclusion that there is no real gain
in deferring publication of descriptions and figures of the
species found up to the present. Even an incomplete paper
may be of some help, if it is taken only for what this claims
to be: a collection of descrintionrs and figures of snecies
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Studied by the writers, and nothing more. It should not

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