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Skinner, Ernest B. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XIV, Part I (1902)

Marsh, Dwight C.
On a new species of Canthocamptus from Idaho,   pp. [112]-Plate IX ff.

Page [112]

                    BY C. DWIGnT MARSH,
                 Professor of Biology, Ripon College.
   This Canthocamptus was found in some material collected by
 Professor B. W. Everrnann in Alturas Inlet, Idaho.
   There were only a few mature specimens of the form so that
the description which follows is somewhat imperfect. but is suf-
ficiently complete, perhaps;, to characterize the species, which
seems undoubtedly new.
   Length of tie male .7 mm. The abdominal segments are
nearly as broad as those of the! thorax, and both abdominal and
thoracic segments are serrated on their posterior borders, and
armed with fine setae. Two dentations, one on each side, are
especially prominent on the abdominal segments.
  The branches of the furea (Plate IX, fig. 4) are slender, the
length being about four times the average width, and the api-
cal extremity about half as wide as the base. At about half
the distance from the base to the apex there is a somewhat sud-
den constriction in width, and at this point there is a group of
rather small setae. The apex is armed with a long central seta,
a short and weak external lateral seta, and a still shorter inter-
nal lateral seta.
  The first antennae of the female (Plate IX, fig. 5) are eight
jointed, and of the form typical for Canthocamptus. The first
four segments are much larger than those which succeed, and
are of approximately equal length. The relative lengths of the
segments, commencing with the first, are as follows: 25, 23,
21, 24, 7, 15, 8, 20. The first three segments have circlets of
--.W-- I-9,                        1 -I'q.Fw'3w,-:T.    -WI'-Mpm-       I

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