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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

Hoy, P. R.
Report of the president,   pp. [267]-268 PDF (344.8 KB)

Page [267]

To His Excellency, WILLIAM E. SMITH,
                   Governor of the State of lVisconsin:
  SIR: -It affords me great pleasure to be able to report that the
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters is in a fiourish-
ing condition, steadily gaining in membership and usefulness.
  Every college and educational institution of high grade in the
state is now represented in the Academy; thus bringing together
many of the ablest men in science, literature and art. The sum-
mer meetings held ia Racine and Milwaukee were well attended
and were instrumental in exciting a lively interest in the society
and its aims. We are satisfied that in inaugurating this summer
migratory meeting, the society acted wisely, and that these. ses-
sions will be productive of good.
  At the Milwaukee meeting, a number of ladies were elected
members, several of whom are not unknown to science and litera-
ture. In electing these ladies, the Academy has gained valuable
working members and has added not a little to its well-being, intel-
lectually as well as socially. The society acted on the broad prin-
ciple that science and letters, have neither country, color or sex-
The straight-jacket of superstition and bigotry no longer cramps
and cripples investigation in any department of knowledge.
  The report of the librarian shows the extent and value of our
exchanges from this and foreign countries.
  We have already formed the nucleus of a valuable library.
The finances are in a healthy condition, the funds are not large, but
sufficient for the workings of the society, aside from the publish-
ing of the proceedings, which is justly done by the state.

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