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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Kellogg, Geo. J.
Blight,   pp. 8-9 PDF (400.4 KB)

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By Geo. J. Kellogg, Janesville, Wis.
Eds. W'is. Horticulturist:-
To comply with Your request to write on blight is quite a
taslk. Blight is not so well known as it vas supposed to be
50 vears ago. I)owning says caused by freezing of sap in
fall and also small insects, "Scolvtus pyri" and "Bostrichus
We ha-e carefullyl examined but find no work of either of
these insects, but did find in a blighted pear twig a small
borer Nwhielh we do not find naimed. Plrhaps the frozen sap
theory is correct; but I believe it is apoplexy in the apple; an
overflow of sap in the sultry days of May and .June, perhaps
electricitv has more to do with its development than we im-
a-ine. INWhatever it is, it is here to stay; now, how can we
avoi(l it. or suffer least from its ravages? Avoid rich soil.
poor locations, the varieties we hnow are inclined to blight,
give free circulation of air from south to north, remove all
windbreaks on either of these sides. give trees more room,
prune out the blighted twvigs just as soon as thev show them-
selves and biurn them.
Varieties -with no blight arc I)uchess, Peerless, (lass Green,
Wolf River. Fall and Flushin.-g Spitzenburg, Haas, Plumb's
Cider. N. WV. Greening, Pe .ch apple. Lowell, l)Dclhess No. 2
and No. 3 of S1pring-er. and the following crabs:  Virginia,
Martha. Shields. and Sweet Russet.
Second list. valuable and blighlt onlv in unfavorable loca-
tions-Hibernal, W'eallthyv. MIMalhon, Longfield and Fameuse.
Third list, worst of all-Price's Swveet. M1av Seek-no-further,
Alexander, Mann. Lowvland Raspberry. Beautiful Arcade. Long
Arcade. Golden Russet, TalInmln Sweet. Green Streaked. Wind-
sor ('Chief. Yellowv Transparent, Antonovka and a large propor-
tion of the Russian-s and Transcendent and Hvslop crabs.
There are many kinds that belong to neither class. such as
Whlmitnev. Newell, Eureka, Avista, Pew-vaukee. Tetofslki, Red
Wine. Lviug Bill. M1alinda. Good Peasant and a few- other of

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