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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Goff, E. S.
The Rockford plum,   pp. 3-6 PDF (800.3 KB)

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casion required. In 1885 he conceived the idea of the insti-
tuting a division of prniology in the United States 1)epartnient
of Agricultmre, and after its creation in 188i wvas called to be
its chief. This required his removal froni the farm to a resi-
dence in Waishington. 1). ('.  He plinned and organized the
pomnological division nipi to Secreta ry MIorton's adnministra tioil
of flte \A-icultur;l d Depirtment. which closed his connection
ti lere vith.
At presenlt Mr. Van IDeman is condiicting a fruit farmn aIt
Markslev. Va.  He is still in the primie of life, ind with his
ilualitications and exjwrienee has Jet his best vears and his
best wvork before hium.
The following instructive article on the Rockford plum and
its value for the northwest w.Is wvritten for the Wisconsin
Horticulturist l)1 Prof. E. S. Goff of Mladison. It will he of
valut1e to ill who contemplate engiging in plumn culture.
Of ill thle nitive plums that I have thus far tested, I have
found none of wN-hich the qulility pleases me so wAell ais the
Rocford. iand since this variety has proved one of the most
produmctive in our Experiment Staition orcliard I hlve been
;I~iolls; to learn ho-v far it is proving successful elsewhere.
I have therefore corresponded wvith several parties in Iowva
Wisconsin andI Mlinnlesota, wNho have growvn this pluill. in or-
der to leairn to wvhait extent ve inm.a saifely recommend it for
general. planting.
0iiir orchard contains but a single tree of this plum. This
vnies t   p-rialfted on a liner sprout in the spring of 1890 with
v}(ioIIS kinldiv furlnishled by J. S. Halrris of Ltl Crescent, 3linn.
It L)ore its first crop in 1891. and in 1895, the year that vill
long be mlemlorable for its severe drolghlt, the Roelfored Nva1s
one of the fewv vitrietiest in our orchard that imatllled a er< p
of fruit. The plresent season it hangs loaded vith fruit, which
will immature the latter part of the present month.
In size, tile fruit is ralthler lirge; in forlll it is slightly oh-

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