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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 5 (July 1896)

Spraying small plants, potatoes, etc.,   pp. 25-26 PDF (359.9 KB)

Page 25

planting what he calls fillers in the orchard. that is, trees
that come into bearing quick and are liable to be short lived.
Alternate with the later bearing larger trees the first vill
usually pay all expenses of orchard before others come into
profit. III sonie places peaches are set in and pay all ex-
penses o( both orehards, before apples begiu to bear.  The
Rhode Island station has found that aboult fift - per eent. more
clusters of blossom buds grew on a limb of samie same size
in the sun than on the one in the shade, sholwving that a coni-
cal tr'e like the No. Twventy, or a tree with pilenty of room
and sun light, will bear niore apples than trees m-hose tops
are crovded bY too c lose planting. I have proofs of this in
11in own orchard.
The lionie made sprayinIg macilille slolvnl in tie acc( lilipally-
ing cut is thus described in bulletin 113. ('ornell 1-niversitv
A -i~ciltilltal Experiment Sta tion:
"The gr eatest sensation of the day. however. was ocCa-
sioned bv the appea ranIeIe of the honie Inide spraver of Potter
aind Wi rle. .\al nordilml-V barrel spray l"I'I"I'P wvas fastened

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