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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 5 (July 1896)

Smith, Horace
Hymn to the flowers,   p. [27] PDF (166.5 KB)

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The Wisconsin Horticulturist.
'Neath cloister'd bough each floral bell that swingeth
And tolls its perfume on the passing air,
Makes sabbath in the fields, and ever ringeth
A call to prayer.
Not to those domes where crumbling arch and column
Attest the feebleness of mirtal hand,
But to that fane most catholic and solemn,
Which God hath planned.
To that cathedral boundless as our wonder,
W Whose quenchless lamps the sun and moon supply:
Its choir, the wind and waves; its organ, thunder;
Its dome, the sky.
There, as in solitude and shade, I wander
Through the lone aisles, or stretched upon the sod,
Awed by the silence. reverently ponder
The ways of God.
Your voiceless lips, 0 flowers! are iiving preachers:
Each cup a pulpit, and each leaf a book:
Supplying to my fancy numerous teachers,
In loneliest nook.
The summer meetings of the Wisconsin State Horticultural
Societv are always interesting, always enjoyable.      Coming.
as they do in June, in the midst of the b1lusv berry season it
is difficult for our small fruit growers to attend, but the busy
horticulturist, who does run away for this brief respite, al-
ways finds physical and mental refreshment, and goes home
with a keener zest for his work, and lie feels that he has made
a gain that cannot be estimated in dollars and cents.
We missed, this year, the friendly greetings and the wise
counsel of friends Hirschinger, Hatch, Hoxie, Johnson and
Tuttle and several others whom we are accustomed to have
with us.

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