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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

What shall the farmers do with their orchards?,   pp. 148-152 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 148

A Symposium on the Farm Orchard, led by Prof. J. G. Moore, followed
by Mr. Ernest Kreul, Mr. F. A. Brown and Mr. Stanley De Smidt.
There has been more or less discussion as to what our attitude
should be regarding the farm orchard. There are two radically
different positions which may be taken. One is that we should
eliminate as rapidly as possible the farm orchard. The other is
that we should bend every effort toward the redemption of the
farm orchard.
In reply to the first position I have just one statement to make,
and that is, that you can turn all the energies of the Horticultural
Society toward the elimination of the farm orchard, and in ten
years you will be just as far as you are now in eliminating it
and no further, because you cannot dictate to the farmers of
Wisconsin whether they shall plant trees or whether they shall
not plant trees, and if I am rightly informed, they are going to
plant trees. Now, that leaves just one other position for the
horticulturist to take, and that is, that he should turn his energies
into saving the farm orchard.
I have been interested in this subject for a number of years; I
never attempted to make an analysis of the subject until very
recently, in fact, I have not attempted to make any very thorough
analysis of the subject at the present time, because unfortunately,
we do not have sufficient data to make a general analysis, but I
was able, a short time ago, through a conference that took place,
and through the courtesy of Mr. Cranefield to get hold of the
names of some 500 orchardists in the state of Wisconsin who have
orchards of 200 trees or over. I cannot state just how full a list
that is; I know that it is not complete, but it is fair to assume
that all the larger orchards of this group of 200 trees or over
have been reached.
Now, what does an analysis of that group of 500 orchards
show? It shows that there are 27 orchards in the state of Wis-
consin that have 750 trees or over, and I think it is fair to con-
clude that we have all of them. We have 63 orchards out of
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