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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Moyle, W. J.
Inspection of trial orchards, August, 1920,   pp. 63-66 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 63

W. J. MOYLE, Union Grove.
Report of Committee consisting of President Hays, L. G. Kellogg,
N. A. Rasmussen, W. A. Toole and the writer.
The experimental trip overland by auto in the summer of 1919
proved so satisfactory that it was decided to inspect the orchards
by the same method again this year.
July 31 found us speeding on our way from Milwaukee to
Manitowoc, at which place the Society has seen fit to set out a
commercial orchard, varieties consisting mostly'of Wealthy, N.
W. Greening and Fameuse.
From a climate standpoint this orchard is very favorably lo-
cated near Lake Michigan and at this time is of producing age.
Here the Wealthy and N. W. Greening were sho*ing a fine
crop of apples, but on account of the dry season much of the
fruit was under size and more or less affected with scab. This
disease is quite prevalent in all the orchards along the lake shore
and requires constant care and attention in spraying to keep it
under control. The management of this orchard is in excellent
hands and provisions have been made during the past season
whereby an up-to-date power sprayer and other orchard tools
will be used in taking care of the trees and fruit and we shall
expect to see a 100 per cent perfect crop of apples in this orchard
next year. Very little blight was found in this orchard and
most of the trees were thrifty and healthy.
August 2 found us in Douglas county on the Lake Superior
shore looking over the orchard at Maple. Here a year ago a
hail storm had knocked off the apples and terribly mutilated the
trees, and much to our surprise we found the trees had entirely
recovered from the effects of. the storm and were also producing
a wonderful crop of apples. In this orchard we found some of
the finest Duchess, Hibernal and Patten's of anywhere on our
trip. The orchard showed excellent care and cultivation and
at the time of our visit was growing a fine cover crop of buck-

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