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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Hays, J. A.
President's address,   pp. 56-58 PDF (800.4 KB)

Page 56

56           Fry-FImST ANNuAL REPORT OF
material is. I do not believe it will deteriorate, but I cannot be
MR. TooLE: I should like to call attention to two insects which
people find rather hard to combat. In many localities we see on
the snow-ball the leaf curled up by insects. People do not know
just what to do, and yet if you use this tobacco spray, then when
the leaves are just opening, you can destroy the bugs which are
causing the trouble. Do not wait until the leaves have been
curled by the bugs, because then you can do nothing, but it is an
easy matter if you attend to it in time. Then again we see roses
looking fuzzy. Last spring I thought I would try tobacco, but it
did not seem to do the work, then I used arsenate of lead, and
from this time on I will be a little more prompt about using the
arsenate. If you watch closely just before the roses begin to
bloom, you will see little worms there, slugs, if you are prompt
you can very easily overcome them.
MR. FLUKE: The rose slug ought to be checked with the nico-
tine sulphate spray, provided you add a little soap, but you have
got to hit the insect to kill it. The beauty of the arsenical spray
is that you can put it on and the worm comes along and eats it and
dies. In regard to the snowball, we found that in order to get
the lice we must get them in the early stages. Do not wait till the
leaves curl. Nicotine sulphate is all right if used at the right time.
Wednesday Morning Session
THE PRESIDENT: I have two committees to announce. First
is the committee to revise the list on ornamentals. I have ap-
pointed W. J. Moyle, Professor Aust and William Toole, Sr.
Committee to revise premium list at the state fair: N. A. Ras-
mussen, J. W. Moore and M. B. Goff.
As we come together in annual convention for the 54th time,
like Lot we cannot help but look back and as we look we see
some of the things which our predecessors have had to contend
with. Not only the common enemies of horticulture had to be
met and overcome, but the founders of this Society were in such
a pitiful minority that their main task was to convince their
neighbors that fruit could be grown in this far northern state of

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