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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

List of fruits recommended for culture in Wisconsin,   pp. [ix]-xi PDF (411.8 KB)

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The behavior of varieties of fruits is influenced very largely by en-
vironment. The conditions of soil, exposure and latitude over such an
extensive area as the state of Wisconsin vary greatly and no list can
be given that will prove satisfactory in all localities. The following
provisional lists were prepared by the Trial Orchard Committee.
Hardiness of plant and fruit bud has been the leading thought in the
selection of varieties.
APPLES (General List).
Alexander,   Astrachan (Red),   Autumn Strawberry,    Dudley,
Fall Orange,   Fameuse (Snow),     Golden Russett,    Hibernal,
Lowland Raspberry,     Longfield,   Lubsk Queen,     McIntosh,
Malinda,    McMahan,     Newell,   Northwestern Greening,  01-
denburg (Duchess),   Patten Greening,   Perry Russett,  Plumb
C'der,   Scott,  Tetofski.  Talman (Sweet),    Utter,  Wealthy,
Westfield (Seek-no-Further),  Windsor,   Wolf River,    Yellow
APPLES (Lake Shore List).
In addition to the above many other varieties including the follow-
ing may be successfully grown in the extreme southern part of the
state and in the counties bordering on Lake Michigan. Baldwin,
Eureka,    Fallwater,   Gano,    King,     Northern Spy,   Pe-
waukee,      Willow Tw'g,     York Imperial,    Bellflower.
APPLES (Commercial Orchard List).
It is generally conceded that a commercial orchard should consist of
but few varieties; the following are suggested: Dudley,  Fameuse,
Longfield,   McMahan,      McIntosh,     Northwestern Greening,
Oldenburg,    Scott,   Utter,   Wealthy,    Yellow Transparent,

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