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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Moore, J. G.
Student judging and identification contest,   pp. 177-178 PDF (427.9 KB)

Page 177

\ JN'rER .i1E'rIN.177
PROF. J. G. MoORE, Horticultural Dept., Univ. of Wis.
A new feature at the winter meeting of the horticultural So-
ciety was the Student Judging and Identification Contest. For
some little time there has been given in the Depaitment of Hor-
ticulture, College of Agriculture, a course in pomology, which
has as one of its objects the familiarizing of students with the
common varieties of fruits grown in ANWisconsin and other states.
This work has been primarily confined to the apple.
For some little time there has been carried on in connection
with the winter meeting of the Michigan State Horticultural So-
ciety, a Student Judging Contest. This contest seemed to create
a great deal of interest in the lines of variety identification and
judging, not only among the students in the College of Agricul-
ture, but also among the fruit growers in attendance at the win-
ter meeting. The writer suggested to the President and Secretary
of the Society that the inauguration of a similar contest in Wis-
consin might be expected to have similar results, and also increase
the interest of the students in the Horticultural Society to which,
in the past, comparatively few have had any definite relation.
The suggestion met with the hearty approval of the Executive
Committee, and a sum of $20.00 was set aside as prizes for such a
contest. It was divided in four prizes of $8.00, $6.00, $4.00 and
$2.00 each. The contest consisted of the identification of fifty
specimens of apples taken from among some thirty or forty var-
ieties suitable for use in Wisconsin, and commercial apple culture
in other state. The second part of the contest consisted of the
judging of four variety classes of six entries each; the student
being required to award four prizes and give the reason for the
awards. The work required over three hours, and the results ob-
tained were highly satisfactory. The final awards were made by
Mr. D. E. Bingham who was selected by the President as judge
of the contest. The final grade of the student was determined by
taking the sum of the final ranks in both the identification and
judging contest, in which the student had been placed first, sec-
ond, third, etc. The studeit having the lowest grand total was
declared winner. The prizes were awarded as follows: Miss
12-H. S.

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