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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Moore, J. G.
Cultivation of the farm orchard and fruit garden,   pp. 26-36 PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 26

Mr. Hager: Yes, I made inquiries from several growers,
not of men who had anything to sell, but simply went around;
one place in particular I stopped where a man had five-acre
tract, he said, "Four years ago next Sunday I came here; you
see what I have."
Mr. Reigle: Did he have apples?
Mr. Hager: He had apples; he had cherry trees set out
three years ago last spring of which the trunks were from four
to five inches in diameter. They make twice the growth that
they do under the most favorable circumstances in Wisconsin. I
saw seven or eight year-old trees, and judging from Wisconsin
standards I should say they were twelve to fifteen years old.
Air. Reigle: Do they have a longer growing season?
Mr. Hager: Well, evidently not very much; it must be the
soil. They have cold weather there; they admit the thermometer
goes from ten to twenty below zero.
Mr. Kellogg: How much time were you able to spend in the
fruit valleys?
Mr. Hager: In that particular place I spent twenty-four
Mr. Kellogg: There is no more land left?
Mr. Hager: Very little in the Wenatchee Valley. I saw
but two little pieces in the drive that I took about the valley.
Mr. Kellogg: All irrigated land?
Mr. Hager. All irrigated; could not raise a thing without it.
But they get $2.50 a box.
The President: When I was listening to our friend Hager I
was almost scared lest we would be put out of business, but I
recovered when I heard the prices they receivd, for while they
may feed the rich, there will be a market for our Wisconsin ap.-
ples among the great masses of the people.
Mr. Hager: Those prices that they quoted me are the net
prices there, the other man pays the freight.
When your secretary asked me to discuss this subject he ex-
plicitly stated that it was to he considered from the standpoint

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