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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Milward, J. G.
Report of delegate to the American Pomological Society,   pp. 175-176 ff. PDF (614.2 KB)

Page 175

arising from the failure to perform, where such special injury
was known or contemplated by the parties.
Through the courtesy of the State Horticultural Society, the
writer was privileged to represent Wisconsin as delegate to the
American Pomological Society meeting held at St. Catherine's,
Ont., Canada, Sept. 14 to 17, 1909. The past convention was the
first time that the Society met outside the Boundaries of the
United States.
The meetings of the Pomological Society have always been of
national importance because of the opportunities to come in touch
with the widely separate horticultural interests of the country.
Your delegate, while in attendance at the meeting, had in mind
two questions which have always been discussed at our Wiscon-
sin conventions, (1) "What estimate should be placed on the
commercial Wisconsin apples as compared with the apples of
other commercial apple-growing centers," and (2) "Is Wiscon-
sin horticulture progressive?"
(1) In connection with the American Pomological meeting a
joint fruit exhibit was held with the local society at St. Cath-
erine's. Your delegate entered an exhibit of apples to be passed
upon for merit and for the Wilder medal. The exhibit included
the apples of Wisconsin origin-Northwestern Greening, Mc-
Mahon, Windsor Chief, Pewaukee, Wold River, Plum Cider, Mil-
waukee, Gem City and Newell. Professor Taylor of the Depart-
ment at Washington passed upon the exhibit and awarded the
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society the Wilder silver medal.
Much favorable comment was passed by experts upon the apples
exhibited, and the apples shown compared very favorable with
any shown in the hall.
As a recommendation for future exhibits of this kind, your
delegate would recommend that the exhibit be put up in corn-
mercial packed boxes, and that the display be made not only to
include apples of Wisconsin origin, but also other varieties such

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