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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Marsh, W. H.
The 1909 crop in the Wausau trial orchard,   pp. 90-95 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 90

left for the next place which took us till about 12 :20 that night
to reach.
biEDFORD: This orchard at Medford is in excellent shape as
far as appearance goes. Air. Harris has it looking like a garden
and a wedl kept one, too, but the trees show some weak points.
Uneven in size, ete., but as a whole this orchard looks good. A
few bushels of apples on the trees. From here we went to the
NWausau orchard and found everything looking good.  Good
crop on most'varieties and with the excepton of a few weak
trees the orchard looks fine. Your Committee arrived at Wau-
sau 3:40 P. M. and drove to orchard, walked up and down the
rows with pencil and paper and estimated the crop and got
back to hotel for late supper, then worked till 11:15 on the
orchard proposition that was before us, then left for Manitowoc.
MANITOWOC: This orchard is located in a different country
and a blind man could almost see the difference in the orchards.
You will find at Manitowoc every tree in its place and iooking
as though it would stay there. These trees were in bad shape
when planted and it will take a few summers to remedy the mis-
take of the nursery man that grew the tree but it can be done at
that place but perhaps not at any of the other places would it
be safe to try it. We found everything looking good at Manito-
woe, so we left as soon as possible for Sturgeon Bay.
The orchard at Sturgeon Bay showed quite a little fruit and
trees looked good. Report of Secretary will show up the results
of this orchard.
W. H. MARSH, Antigo.
I wish to submit the following report on the trial orchard at
Wausau, Wis.
On August 3rd, I visited the trial orchard at Wausau and
certainly found a pleasant surprise awaiting me, for it was the
best showing of clean, bright, healthy fruit that it had ever
been nmy privilege to inspect.
I found the orchard in a sem--cultivated condition, as about
a 10 foot strip had been left in sod; balance in clean cultiva-
tion. The pruning was well done but I think much more
wood left than was good for the fruit, or health and life of

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