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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Cranefield, F.
Report of superintendent of field work for 1909,   pp. 86-89 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 86

cannot refrain from expressing to the officers of the society,
the members of the Executive Committee and not least of all
to the membership body my sincere, heartfelt thanks for the
courtesies and kindly feeling throughout the year.
The path of the Secretry is not always strewn with roses..
Not seldom does his duty lead over new and untried ways that
must be cleared of obstructions.  Not always does the Society
bask in the sunshine of legislative grace for occasionally as dur-
ing the last session, our law makers, actuated by a sense of mis-
directed economy sought to reduce our appropriation. It is
at such times as these that your secretary feels most keenly the
poverty of human speech, first to express properly an opinion of
legislaters who are so prompted and again to express to you, fel-
low members of the State Horticultural Society, something of
the overwhelming sense of gratitude for the loyalty of the of-
ficers and members of this Soc-ety.
With this spirit of loyalty we cannot but win the respect of
all the people of the state, we cannot but augment our strength
and usefulness until we rank in numbers as we now rank in
strength and usefulness the most influential factor in shaping
the destinies of horticulture in Wisconsin.
The trial and demonstration orchards, 10 in number, may all
be reported as in good condition. As it is unlikely that the
members will be interested in hearing of the number of trees
which died and have been replaced, the number of times each
orchard was cultivated, etc. ,such details will be omitted from
this report and remain on record in the office of the Secretary.
I offer instead a brief outline of the progress of the work at
the different places.
POPLAR: The tile dra ns work perfectly and trees show marked
improvement. The variety list grows smaller and smaller with
each succeeding season; the following kinds having entirely
disappeared: Newell, Fameuse, McMahan, Golden Russett, Tol-
man, Plumb Cider, Astrachan, Ben Davis, Pewaukee, Fall

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