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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Bingham, D. E.
Report of chairman of trial orchard committee,   pp. 89-90 PDF (439.5 KB)

Page 89

bena, Hibernal, Wealthy and Duchess, set 24x24 ft. or 75 to the
acre. The McMahan and Okabena stock from the Jewell Nur-
sery, Lake City, Minn., the remainder from Great Northern
Nurseries, Baraboo, Wis.
LAXE GENEVA: This orchard is located on the farm of Hobart
M. Hatch about four miles east of the city of Lake Geneva. The
orchard consists of one acre each of the following kinds: Mc-
Mahan, Fameuse, Tolman Sweet, Wealthy and Duchess. Trees
set 24x24 ft., 75 per acre. Planted May, 6th, 1909.
D. E. BINGHAM, Sturgeon Bay.
The Committee on Trial Orchards with the exception of Mr.
Coe started on our annual tour of inspection Aug. 8th. The
first orchard visited was Barron.
The condition of the different varieties there was about as
follows: Duchess fairly good, some winter killing, blight, etc.;
Wolf River and N. W. Greening about the same as Duchess;
Tolman, Windsor and Lowland bad condition; Wealthy good;
Fameuse fair; Hibernal good; Dudley good; Zettle and Lily
good; Patten fair. Plums very good; cherries fair.  New
(1908) planting fairly good except all show slight winter injury
in wood, which may be outgrown in time.
MAPLE: Here we found the following: N. W. Greening no
good; Scott N. G.; Transparent good; Longfield, Iowa Beauty
fair; Tolman poor; Utter good; Patten good. All new planting
POPLAR: Wealthy and Duchess good; Longfield and Newell
poor; Fameuse poor; McMahan good; Transcendent good; Hy-
slop good, one blighted very bad; Malinda poor; Pattens poor;
Okabena good; Plums look good. Some plums and a few apples.
Cherries were looking as though they didn't care much. It was
raining and the red clay in this orchard makes it exceptionally
fine getting around in wet weather. No danger getting up too
much speed in the orchard.  I don't anticipate much trouble
from the boys in this orchard in wet weather as long as orchard
is cultivated. In a drizzly rain we looked over this orchard and

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