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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 9 (November 1898)

Editorial notes,   pp. 34-35 PDF (510.7 KB)

Page 34

Don't fail, to keep Thanksgiving Day.
Our folks look like the defeated party in a foot-ball
game, but they have only been laying down blackberries.
We had strawberry short-cake for supper the first day
of November.  The berries came from the fruit-farm of
Wm. Rounds. Their strawberry bed has blossomed quite
profusely this Fall, and has ripened several quarts of fruit.
The varieties which are fruiting are Warfield and Enhance.
W. L. Ames and wife of Oregon, Wis., are among the
Horticulturist readers who visited the Omaha Exposition.
Mrs. A. J. Philips of West Salem accompanied her hus-
band, Secretary Philips, on his trip to Omaha.
"Our Horticultural Visitor" now has two offices of pub-
lication, one at the old stand, Kinmundy, Ill., and one at
Grand Rapids, Mich. Communications should be addressed
to the home office, Kinmundy, Ill.
A. G. Tuttle brought us some winter apples the other
day which our friends all pronounce "little beauties." They
are of a dark cream color, deeply flushed with carmine at
the stem end. Being genuine winter apples they are hard
now, but we ventured to taste one and found the flavor de-
liciously rich and spicy, somewhat like Newell Winter-
much better than Golden Russet. A Mr. Mueller from Prus-
sia, visiting Mr. Tuttle's orchard, recognized the apple as
a Russian variety which is a great favorite in Germany,
and is a very late keeper.  With Mr. Tuttle it keeps until
April. The name is Borsdorf.
One day in late October we met Hon. John M. True of
Baraboo just returning from the Omaha Exposition.  He
spoke a good word for the Wisconsin fruit exhibit, then in
charge of Mr. R. J. Coe, Treasurer of the State Society.
In the question department of American Gardening we
find the following question and answer:
FRUITS FOR WIscoNsIN.-What large fruits, such as

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